Menya Kuramasa (Tenpozan Market Place, Osaka, Japan)

Menya Kuramasa is situated in a Food court in Tenpozan Market Place just beside the Osaka aquarium and this is where we had our lunch when we visited the place.

It was in the middle of winter when we were here so it’s quite hard to walk around outside and look for a restaurant so we ended up seeking refuge inside a mall and have our lunch there instead.

Tenpozan Market Place had lots of great options and since it was cold the best dish for us to have is ramen. Without thinking too much we just chose the first ramen place we saw and it was this Menya Kuramasa. They mostly offer ramen as you can see from their menu, I am not sure if they offer others as I did not bother, we are just locked down to what we wanted.

I tried a lot of the basic ramen in my lifetime so I opted for something different so I grabbed some Hokkaido miso-flavoured noodles (¥910), and this was the first time I heard of this dish. It is a ramen flavours with miso topped with butter, the soup was so hot so the time I took the photo the butter already had melted. It also contains corn, bamboo shoots, beans sprout, spring onions and chashu pork.

The wife and daughter got the same thing and they grabbed the usual stuff just to be on the safe side. They both had the Boiled Pork Ribs Noodles (¥700) which is a rich tonkotsu based ramen with pickled ginger, spring onions and chashu pork.

Both ramens were amazing, they are richly flavoured as expected., I guess my only complaint is the amount of meat they serve which is not up to my standards, I am just not used to it compared to the meat portions here in New Zealand but that’s how they do it here in Japan for a really long time, I just have to accept it or order more. I guess it’s hard to make a wrong decision in Japan as they take pride in their food so most of the dishes we had here was rave worthy regardless if it is really expensive or even the cheap ones, I still have to experience a bad food but I never happened at least in this time we travelled here.

Menya Kuramasa
Address: 1-10, 1chome, Kaigan-dori, Osaka-shi Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone: +81 06 6576 5660


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