National Meatball Day

In Soups and Pasta

Hate dry meatballs then I think these recipes are for you, glorious meatballs floating on delicious broth

Spicy Meatball Udon Soup– Lets start by spicing things up with this udon

Meatball Pho 1

Meatball Pho – Or another amazing Asian noodle soup in the form of Pho

Sopa de Albondigas 1

Sopa de Albondigas – If Asian noodle soup is not your thing then how about this Mexican Sopa

Calamari Marinara 12

Pork and Prawn Balls in Aromatic Broth – Surf and turf meatballs that is certified delicious, thanks to Gordon Ramsey

Pork and Mushroom Noodle Soup (Bun Moc) – Back to Asian but with some earthy delight from Mushrooms

White Bean Soup with Meatballs and Bok Choy – Want it with some vegetables then give this White Bean Soup with Meatballs and Bok Choy a shot

Spaghetti Meatballs 1

Spaghetti Meatballs – Hate soup? No problem just have it with pasta



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  1. Appetising meat recipes, Raymund! I love all the recipes and I have to try them out!

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