Hachijo Dori Street Food Crepes (Kyoto, Japan)

At last we made it in Japan after many years of dreaming about it we actually made it, I always wanted to visit this place since I was a child but due to other destinations that we needed to visit first we have to delay this until now. I will be posting this series but in a chronological order, I will just post them based on what I remembered first.

Anyways let’s start with this Street Food Crepes which we tried in Kyoto. We were looking for this crepes for quite some time during our stay here after we missed trying it on Dotonbori luckily we found one just outside Kyoto Station after walking out heading towards AEON Mall.

We saw this small stall operated by this lady near a pachinko arcade, there were some people who queued before us but preparation was fast so the time we reached her stall we were served immediately. We tried three flavours, custard, banana and strawberry.

Everything was prepared as we ordered, crepes were made fresh even the fruits were prepared and sliced as the thin crepe cooks. The only item that were not made fresh was the custard which came in a tub, the chocolate syrup and the cream.

In a matter of seconds each crepe was ready to eat.

The moment of truth, once we got hold of our still warm fresh from the griddle crepes we had a bite each and it was a delight to our palates. It was quite different compared to the French crepes because of the cream used. It’s more like a cross between a whipped cream and marshmallow, it does not melt with the hot crepe and it was delicious.

I love all of the different flavours we ordered but the best would be the custard. The lady placed a whole big tub of custard in it which tasted more like a cross between a custard and a jelly, it was a delight to my senses, though it contains a huge serving of custard it was still light because it was not too sweet and tastes just right.

I can have this everyday, it’s a nice snack to have, its filling but does not feel heavy on the stomach. Its sweet but not overpowering. It’s one of the best street food to have.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh, how fun. I hope to make it there myself one day.

  2. Missy says:

    If you are still in Japan, go to a Lady M/Mille Cafe, and try the 21 layer crepe cake. It’s a chain of cafes. I usually get a caramel tea to go with it.
    My favorite dessert of all time

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