Five Star (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Perhaps this place is the best affordable hotpot restaurant we ever tried, why? Because its clean, it’s in a nice location and most importantly they don’t skimp on seafood specially on crabs, prawns and fish like salmon. Most hotpot out there in Auckland specially the ones priced at $25.00 usually don’t serve crabs and the refill rate of other seafood are quite slow so most of the time it is empty, that did not happen here when we last dined in.

Located in Rosedale it’s quite accessible to North Shore residents, it’s not as busy as the CBD or Takapuna so parking will never be an issue, on street or off street there are lots. The place is quite big as well, if I can remember there were at least 20 plus tables and half of them were the long ones. In one section you can see an array of different hotpot ingredients you can use from fresh vegetables, noodles, tofu, mushrooms/fungi, multiple choices of seafood balls, beef, lamb, squid, cuttlefish, salmon, white fish, crabs, mussels and an array of sauces. There was some selection of cooked food mostly from the Korean Cuisine like the Jap Chae and Tteokbokki, there was also this fried chicken where a sign states maximum of 3 per customer, I guess it’s quite popular since it was really good.

I tried getting three of that fried chicken just to see what’s the fuss about it, but most importantly I only grabbed mostly seafood like crab, salmon and prawns. There were two types of sauces, one is spicy and one is normal, and in my opinion their stock was quite good as well since most of the stocks I tried from other hotpots are either bland if it’s the regular one or its too spicy for the hot option.

To top it all up they also have free coffee and tea plus a dessert that closely resembles the Filipino ginataang halo halo (mixed root crops, sago pearl, glutinous rice dumplings and saba bananas in sweet coconut cream sauce).

We love this place in fact we kept on recommending this to our friends, it is not as popular as the other buffet restaurants and definitely it deserves to be known. We will definitely be dining in here again specially when I have a massive craving for seafood, at $25.00 a head this place is a good balance of value and quality.

Five Star
Address: 18 Triton Dr, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 476 1010

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  1. Juliana says:

    Wow Raymund…I love hotppot…and this restaurant sure carries a lot of variety….looks fabulous!
    Enjoy your week 🙂

  2. suituapui says:

    $25 per head is so so so so cheap!

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