Angie’s Kitchen (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

I love discovering places like this down to earth restaurants that serves home cooked style rustic dishes that does prepare food as close as it was traditionally prepared. Places like this has more appeal to me than fancy and expensive restaurants since this are rare than finding the latter. For me it’s just an honest to goodness love for food and nothing beats it like how dishes are originally done.

Nowadays places like this are slowly diminishing due to the commercialization of kitchens. To be honest there are few of places here in New Zealand that fall on that category and one of it is Angie’s Kitchen, a small house located in the CBD near the O’Rorke Hall of The University of Auckland.

They offer traditional Malaysian dishes like Noyonya Acar, Gado Gado, Inchi Kabin and Terong Belado just to name some. These dishes are a rarity in Malaysian restaurants but they do serve it here.

Having said that they also offer the usual ones that the public know of and that’s what we had ordered this visit just to gauge how it compares with other Malaysian restaurant. One of our orders is the Seafood Curry Mee Laksa ($15.50), an aromatic coconut curry soup with pieces of tofu, prawns, mussels and shrimps. It was heaven in a bowl, the creamy, spicy, savoury and a bit pungent broth is a pleasure to all of my Asian senses, it was richly flavoured but not to overpowering.

We also ordered some Roti Canai ($10.50), a Malaysian style special flat bread served with Chicken Curry. This dish transported me to the Mamak stalls in Malaysia it was spot on, it was delicious I can even taste the flavour of belachan on this dish.

We also grabbed some Chicken Satay, ($14.50), grilled spiced chicken skewers served with cucumber, onions and peanut sauce. This also was faultless a peanut lover’s dream dish

Finally, to end things up we washed down the lovely dishes with a drink called Michael Jackson, now you might ask why is it named like such? If you have a look at the drink its “Black and White”. This drink is made with grass jelly called cincau served in soya milk, one of my favourite Malaysian drinks.

Like I initially said this is the type of places I like, real food, great people and dishes that give that homey feel. I would be definitely be back here again and again but next time I will try those dishes you can only see in Penang.

Angie’s Kitchen
Address: 17 Mount St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 368 1618

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  1. suituapui says:

    Yes, we have Michael Jackson at one place here too – it’s just cincau with soya bean milk, black or white…

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