LR Sushi and Grill (Brisbane, Australia)

I have been here three times usualy to have a quick lunch if I visit our Brisbane office and I had discovered it by accident when I was strolling around one lunchtime looking for somewhere to eat. Brisbane CBD has a lot to offer just walk down Queen St and you will find tons of good places to dine in luckily this place caught my attention as there is a small entrance from the sidewalk via escalator to a food court where this is located.

There were many people going down this place so I just followed the flow and it was like a light at the end of the tunnel, it was a food court and it was a good one. LR Sushi and Grill was the last establishment and the sushi on display was an eye candy! it was colourful, tons of variety and they were large most probably equivalent to 4 slices of sushi if compared to the New Zealand ones, I tried several of the flavours and on this visit I grabbed some prawn tempura ($3.00) and salmon avocado ($2.80).

During the past visit prior to this one I never saw them offer some Chicken Kastu Curry ($5.00) but this time they did so I grabbed one as well. With this kastu you can top it up with as many Kew Pie Mayonnaise as you wish, together with some shichimi togarashi.

The food here was delicious and it was consitent across three of my visits, the sushi was seasoned really well and the fish was fresh. The Chicken Kastu Curry was also amazing, the chicken was cripsy and juicy and the curry was so tasty. Definitely will be back here again an again for lunch breaks I am in the city, it was affordable and very filling, infact the order I have on photo was enough for me to last the day.

LR Sushi and Grill
Address: MacArthur Central Shopping Centre, 149 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Phone: +61 421 656 006


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