Aroy Thai (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

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Most of the times when you are hungry you make quick decisions on where to eat and this is what happened to us one time when we are on our way back home. We are at the CBD and there are tons of option but somehow we ended up here at Aroy Thai, perhaps the place is quite bright and inviting so we gave it a shot. The place was so clean and very big, the ample lighting and the minimalistic design drawn my attention.

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We were quite hungry so we never gave ordering some though and just grabbed anything that comes out first that we fancy. We started with the prawn spring rolls ($7.50) these are handmade, lightly seasoned prawns rolled & deep fried till golden brown then served with sweet chilli sauce, it was good and perfectly cooked. Insides was still juicy and not dry which is the key to a good spring roll.

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I was so craving for some noodle soup hence I ordered some beef noodle soup ($13.50) as described it was made with marinated & delicious sliced beef served in a rich, hearty broth with bok choy, bean sprouts and rice noodles, honestly this was a let-down, I was expecting something different. The dish tasted like two minute noodles, the broth felt like it had a lot of taste enhancers far from a proper beef soup and the beef probably was made with already prepared velveted beef and not the ones simmered with the soup. It might be good for others but not for me, one good thing though the serving was huge so it will definitely fill you up.

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Finally, we had this Pad Thai ($13.50) basically made with rice noodles wok-tossed with fresh beansprouts, garlic chives & eggs in our traditional (& very famous) tamarind sauce. Comes with your choice of meat & served with chopped peanuts and a lemon wedge. This was OK, it tasted good somewhere on the above average, you can taste the different element on the dish, sweet, sour, savoury and a bit of spice was well blended.

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There were some good food and there was some not so good food so if you are planning to go here try the other dishes they offer you might have a better experience than me.

Aroy Thai
Address: 13 Commerce St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 379 7758

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  1. suituapui says:

    I love Thai. We have one very nice place here – two authentic Thai chefs, all the way from Thailand, very nice food so we would drop by quite often.

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