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Dessert bars here in Auckland is getting better and better each day and not just that the number of choices are also increasing so Aucklanders have more options to choose from. One of the best ones out there is this place called Milse located at the back of the Britomart station. I came here one day because a colleague of mine recommended the place after I told him we had a good experience with Miann which is located relatively several blocks away from each other.
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We came here at night and finding the entrance was not straightforward as it is located on the side of an alleyway of the square it was in. It felt like entering the back door as the entrance was quite narrow but as you enter you will be welcomed with marvellous treats on the side showcased on the left that will make every diner drool.

There were lots of gateau / cake selection

Milse 03

Milse 04

As well as different flavours of macarons.

Milse 08

Milse 09

Some desserts on mason jars

Milse 10

as well as some chocolate barks

Milse 07

There are many to mention and did not have a photo of them all like their ice creams as well as their plated creations. The place looks like it was designed for takeaways as there were very few seats inside, if I can remember there were only 4 or 5 sets of 2 seater tables so if you plan to dine in better call them and reserve.

Luckily when we were there only one of those sets were occupied but as we ordered the place filled up with patrons easily, I think we went in the perfect time. As we were seated we were given the menu and it looks like it’s not a lot compared to the items on display.

Milse 01

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We just came from dinner so it’s a perfect time to grab some small dessert and this is what we had. First was this 70% Ghana, Beetroot & Cream ($8.00) at first it sounds quite weird as we haven’t tried beetroot in any dessert but for this one it works and it was quite pleasant especially with the chocolate. Love the texture of this dessert, it’s like something between cake and a mousse.

Milse 05

Then we have this enormous looking Ferrero Rocher but it’s not, it is 62% Satilia, Salted Almond & Caramel ($8.00), I think this is a no brainer salty and sweet goes well together like in this dessert. The filling was amazing!

Milse 06

If we did not have a heavy dinner definitely we will order some more but I guess I will have to reserve it for some other time. There are many choices to fill that sweet tooth and all of them looks amazing.

Will we come back? Definitely yes there are many items that we put on our list to try.

Address: 31 Tyler St, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Phone: +649-215 8996

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