National Pasta Day

Must Try Food in Italy 7

Do you know that there are more than 600 pasta shapes?
Can you count how many of them you tried?
Do you know it is the National Pasta Day today? Well if not, now you know and let’s celebrate todays date with this post.

Pasta is one of the popular dishes out there, in fact it’s so popular this is always in the top list of everyone’s favourite dishes regardless whether its spaghetti, lasagne, tortellini or ravioli they are all the same wheat dough just shaped differently drenched in the sauce of your choice. Below is a list of some of the pasta dishes we already had posted here at Ang Sarap hopefully we can grow it even more but for now enjoy this list and if you can please share a pasta recipe you really love by commenting below.

I will be categorizing the pasta below based on its sauce so we will have something for everyone, the tomato lovers, the white sauce lovers, the eclectic/unique ones and the ones who love it plain and simple.



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  1. suituapui says:

    Oh? Same day as National Noodle Day? We have to go for the gluten free ones now – my girl is probably allergic, still waiting for blood test results.

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