Vauxhall (North Shore City, New Zealand)

I never gave attention to this place before even though I had seen it over and over again when we visit Milford Mall maybe because it is secluded in the dark corner of the mall away from any sunlight. It may not be a good spot to have something to eat but they do serve some good food.

We ate here by accident because we were quite lazy to go outside and find something new to try so we just decided to take brunch whichever is nearest to where we currently are. There were two options first was the Japanese restaurant beside it and this place. Though we love Japanese and had told you guys a lot of times but sushi is not a good idea to have during brunch, something oily with some meat will be the best meal to start the day.

Having said that we ordered items which was filling at the same time will be loaded with some meat like bacon or even burgers hence our choice was this Eggs Benedict, where poached eggs, salted spinach, crispy honey cured bacon was served on roesti / hash browns topped with a generous serving of hollandaise.

Vauxhall 01

Vauxhall 3

Then definitely a burger should be in the orders list, hence I got this thick burger with melting cheese and some mushrooms, salad greens, tomato on a brioche bun served with thick cut fries that were fried to perfection.

Vauxhall 04

Vauxhall 05

And to balance things out we had some salad but yes it has bacon on it and some avocadoes, grilled tomatoes, spinach and poached eggs,

Vauxhall 02

The savoury dishes were not a surprise, I guess it’s hard to fault fried dishes; it will be a totally crappy restaurant when staple items like this was not done correctly. Having said that the burgers were great, it was quite juicy and the bacon I guess you can see from the photos are perfectly crisp.

To wrap this meal up we had a couple of drinks first was the cappuccino which was perfectly frothy.

Vauxhall 06

And some strawberry milkshake.

Vauxhall 07

Drinks were great as well.

I guess if this place is in a different location then I believe it would grab more customers as they do serve some decent meals, like us I guess most people will be turned off with the location as it is not readily visible and it’s in the deep dark corners of the mall.

So would I recommend it, definitely yes but don’t be surprised of the price as it is not cheap but it was not expensive either, I guess it is in the mid-range so it falls in the usual café price in New Zealand.

Address : Millford Shopping Centre, Shop A8, 24 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone number : +649 4867039

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  1. suituapui says:

    Oh my! The Egg Ben! Been a long time since I last had one. That one looks really good.

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