September 2016

Double Mushroom Brushetta 1

Double Mushroom Brushetta

Double Mushroom Bruschetta is a type of toasted baguette topped with mushrooms that is simply cooked in olive oil and butter. Mushrooms for me is the middle ground between meat and vegetable, its not meat but its meaty enough so when it is used in a dish I dont even...

Fish Soup Bee Hoon 1

Fish Soup Bee Hoon

Fish Soup Bee Hoon or fish head bee hoon is a Singaporean- dish made out of rice noodles called bee hoon in rich fish stock made by boiling fish head and bones with hints of milk served with fried fish fillet slices, vegetables and tomatoes. Fish soup bee hoon or...

Function at Seaworld (Gold Coast, Australia) 1

Function at Seaworld (Gold Coast, Australia)

When I was in Australia attending our annual team leaders’ conference for our company several months ago one of the highlights was a party in one of Gold Coast theme parks, the Seaworld. When I was indicated on our itinerary I though it will in just one large function hall...