The meatiest Burger I ever tried to date


I never review fast-food burgers but this American Muscle burger is so good it needs to have a footprint at Ang Sarap, it’s not just good but it’s so filling I guess it’s best to have this when you are so hungry after playing a game of rugby or basketball. When I was handed over the paper bag with the burger on it I felt like I had a dumbbell in my hands, well I might be exaggerating but it was heavy. I already like Burger Fuel in general but I loved them even more with this burger, it’s not as fancy as other elaborate burgers with add-ons such as truffle oil, pickled cauliflower, sweet caramelized onions, balsamic glazed mushrooms or even tears from virgin Amazon ants but it’s just a simple burger with double smashed beef patties, double cheddar, pickles, mustard aioli, relish in a bun that just works.


We had this a couple of weeks ago when it was introduced as a limited edition burger at Burger Fuel, during that time I received an email with this super-secret voucher offer and we immediately grabbed it. If you look at it you will notice it was quite pricey for a fast-food burger but trust me it’s all worth it, you might even eat this twice in one day if you don’t have that big appetite like me. It was definitely meaty, it was juicy, the sauce blends well with the perfectly seasoned patty, and easily it triumphs over all the big burgers I ever tried. Yes it was huge but not stupidly huge that you cannot finish it.


Do I recommend it? Hell yes, but be sure you are really hungry and with a good appetite when you decide to have one.

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  1. suituapui says:

    I have a Burger Fuel t-shirt but I did not get to chance to drop by any of their outlets when I was in Auckland, did not see any. My friend took me to Wisconsin and I also had burgers at a few other places.

  2. I just finished breakfats and I am still hungry, thanks 😉 now I am raving aburger which is not a food I crave a lot. Looks very satisfying.

  3. mjskitchen says:

    Damn!! Now that’s a burger!!

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