Breakfast at Fact-Tree (North Shore City, New Zealand)

We love what they offer here in Fact-Tree hence we go back again and again just to try what we haven’t ordered before or see what they are offering new, I posted a review of this before but today it’s for a different dish. The perfect time to go here is for brunch first because there will be lesser people compared to lunch and breakfast plus their breakfast is huge in size so having one meal in between in perfect.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 01

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 02

I think I don’t have to tell that the food is good here, it reached two reviews on this blog it definitely is a great place the only down side since there are a lot of patrons you will have to wait for your food.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 03

For others it will be forever but like me since I blog this is the time I take pictures of the menu

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 04

The condiments

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 11

And any drinks that arrived first like this long black ($3.50) that I ordered

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 05

And another coffee now this time it’s a cappuccino ($4.00), not to mention I love the beans they use.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 06

And some strawberry milk shake ($6.00)

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 07

The shake will have some facts attached to it (remember the name of the place is Fact Tree) and the one we ordered states a fact about zebras. “Did you know… A zebra is white with black stripes, not black with white stripes”. And if you notice the condiment photo above have some facts attached to it as well where it states: “Did you know… The cashew nut is related to the poison ivy family”.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 08

After I guess 30 minutes our orders arrived first was this super delicious super creamy mushrooms served with creamed horseradish, crispy bacon and herbed ciabatta ($17.00), it was quite filling and that sauce was just superb.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 09

Then we had this Fact-Tree Breakfast ($20.50) and it is made out of egg cooked to your choice served on five grain toast with crispy bacon, pork fennel sausage, field mushroom, house made hash brown, grilled vine tomato and creamy baby spinach. Again this is a perfect meal mid-morning, it has everything from bread, eggs and meat with a bit of salad and tomato, I can have this every week and never get tired of it.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 10

Just look at that hefty bread, this made me real full and survived the whole day without any meal.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 12

Finally some blue berry pancakes again served with bacon, fresh seasonal fruits, whipped cream and maple syrup. Like the two dishes above there was quite some weight in this dish, it’s the perfect pancake for the pancake lovers, its fluffy its thick and huge and best of all it was delicious.

Breakfast at Fact-Tree 11

I think I had said enough and let the pictures talk anyways this place is quite popular in North Shore so I guess they don’t need additional recommendation from me. But yes I highly recommend this place, you don’t know you might see me here one day.

Fact-Tree [cafe]
Address: 1/24 Tonkin Dr, Sunnynook, Auckland 0630, New Zealand
Phone: +649-410 7617

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5 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    Oh my!!! The golden fringe of that fried egg!!! I’m sold. And I thought the one I had (in my blogpost tomorrow) was already very good.

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    Im not really a breakfast person, but I know that if I were to dine at this restaurant, I would totally ask if they could make something specific for me! Eggs and avocado, this girl is ALL over that combo!

  3. Jay says:

    Wow that is worth taking a plane to New Zealand!

  4. I wish I did not leave so far away from it… I wouldn’t hesitate to have breakfast there with all those yummy beverages and food.

  5. Juliana says:

    Wow, all the dishes look awesome…I sure would love to try them all…
    Have a wonderful week ahead Raymund 🙂

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