QT Function Lunch (Gold Coast, Australia)

All of the activities that we had during our conference in Gold Coast was held at the QT Hotel and having said that all of our lunch and tea breaks was prepared most probably by restaurants at the venue (not 100% sure though), I did not take a photo of all the days but I have several photos to share. Overall the catering was amazing and there were heaps of food served throughout the day, too many there were lots of leftovers every serving time.

Every meal time what was served was themed and the one the I had most photos of was the American cuisine, well for most this will not be exciting but trust me they made this cuisine shine, from chicken, Mac and Cheese to sliders and onion rings everything was done to perfection plus they were never too oily. I know fat brings a lot of flavour but for some reason even the dishes served was not dripping with oil they were really tasty.

The desserts and snacks in between was not too shabby as well, the dessert tarts was in perfect size and the desserts served on Mason Jars tasted great too. Succeeding days was more of an Aussie / Kiwi deli style fare where wraps, sandwiches and more sliders were served though I am not an avid fan of bread I did enjoyed them.

QT Function Fixx 01

Finally did I mentioned that this is the first time I ever tried bullet proof coffee? If you dont know this or ever tried it well you need to, it may sound gross but surprisingly its delicious. Coffee with butter! who wondered?

QT Function Fixx 02

Overall I liked what was served, I never disliked any item on the menu, I just hoped for more variety like rice and noodles, well I am an Asian so once in a while I crave for this so you can’t blame me.


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  1. Oh wow what a treat! I’ve heard of coffee with butter, so many people swear by it! I’ll need to try it out.

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