Boom Boom Burger Bar (Gold Coast, Australia)

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Boom Boom Burger Bar makes one of the best burgers I tried in Australia and I think it’s not just me who agrees on it because it was voted one of the Top 10 Burger Joints in Australia several times by different entities, in fact if I can remember correctly they have a sign in their premises that states such when I visited the place before.

For tourist this will be quite hard to find as it is not located on the usual tourist spot but hidden at Chevron Island where you either grab a cab or have a long walk. Either way it’s worth the hassle going there, the burgers were just phenomenal designed by Michelin-starred Chef Meyjitte Boughenout.

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It was quite a hard choice when I was here because I wanted to try most of their burgers but they were huge so one was enough for me add to that some sides then definitely there will be no more room for an additional bun. I was torn between the Smoking Cow which is their signature burger made of cherry wood smoked 150 Days Aged Beef, Mushrooms, Cucumber, Spinach, Cheddar, Secret Mayo ($16.00) and the La French which is made from Angus Beef, Tapenade, Truffle Mayonnaise, Pickled Cauliflower, Bacon, Lettuce ($16.00). I chose the latter as I was more curious about the truffle mayonnaise and pickled cauliflowers.

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At first I thought I made the wrong choice after I saw a clear glass cover hiding a big burger being served on the seat beside me, opening it was just a joy, a perfect Instagram moment but when my order arrived even though it does not have the same presentation as of the Smoking Cow it tasted amazing and I know on my first bite it was the perfect choice for me.

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The elements of each ingredient in this burger was well thought of and the balance of flavour was just sheer perfection for my palate. It was good, meaty but with some acidic balancer from the cauliflower and some creamy earthy mayo was just a perfect blend of great flavours.

There were several sides ordered like their signature Puff Potatoes ($6.00)

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some thick cut fries simply called Crispy Fries ($6.00) which I really liked, crispy on the outside but soft like a mashed potato on the inside

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then some Onion Rings ($6.00)

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It’s hard to fault this three, what can go wrong it’s deep fried so it will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Another interesting item on the menu was this Peace Head beer ($9.00 large), it states on their brand logo “No Headaches” which I think means no hangover. The beer is unpasteurised, naturally brewed and contains no preservatives giving it a clean and fresh of the taste, this characteristic makes it free from hangovers due to less preservatives. I wanted to try if their claim was true but after having 3 large glasses I was feeling so full plus I have a conference to attend to the next day so maybe next time.

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The establishment was quite small compared to most establishments in Gold Coast so its best to call them first before going in there as it can get full especially at weekends. Overall I loved their offerings, perhaps I will try that smoked burgers the next time I visit the place.

Boom Boom Burger Bar
Address: 7-9 Burra St, Gold Coast QLD 4217, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5538 3718

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