Warawara (North Shore, New Zealand)

Warawara 05
Browns Bay have a lot of good eateries and this was one of them, unlike the others where is this is visible from the main street this place is located inside the parking lot near the Bay View Road so you will not be able to spot this easily when you’re strolling along Clyde Road. Inside this parking lot there are different restaurants but we chose this one as we were craving for some Japanese.

As we came in we say different coffee brewing machines on display, some for cold dripping, hand dripping and some espresso machines. Then we looked at their menu they do use this and looks like they are serious with their coffee.

Warawara 03

I love coffee and was tempted to order one but will reserve it for some other day as I am here for lunch and I usually drink coffee in the morning only.

Anyways the place looked nice, I love the feel of the place.

Warawara 04

It’s not really Japanese but sort of a fusion with a cafe, perhaps they want to capture the Kiwi market as well by doing this. We were then seated and was given some menus.

Warawara 01

After sifting through it we decided to get some salad, a noodle and some teriyaki chicken.

Warawara 02

We ordered as well a couple of drinks.

Food then came in after a few minutes and they are presented really well. First was the salad which was a Chicken Salad with Avocado and Crispy Noodles served with a Mango Dressing ($17.00), the salad part, dressing and chicken we great but we were not impressed with the Crispy Noodles, I think they were the ones you can buy in the supermarket but if not it tasted like that. The crispy noodles feel like it should not be there but I think it would be better if its store made one.

Warawara 07

Up next was their version of Teriyaki Chicken which was a pan fried free range chicken thighs & vegetables served on an egg noodle with teriyaki sauce ($18.00), now this was a total opposite of the salad, every element was perfect, it tasted good and the servings was huge, definitely a perfect dish to have at lunch.

Warawara 08

Then finally we also had this Chili Pork which are pan fried sliced pork and vegetables served on egg noodles with red miso paste ($20.00), again this was faultless, the flavours was phenomenal and it’s not too spicy that a non-chilli lover cannot handle, the heat is just enough to tickle your tongue. Everything was perfectly seasoned, the sweet savoury hot sauce just perfectly flavours the noodles beneath.

Warawara 09

After the lunch we ordered this interesting drink which is called tofu tropic ($8.50) which is made of pineapples, mango, silken tofu and lime ($8.50). I initially thought it would be something like a taho or taufu fa because of the silken tofu but I was mistaken, it’s more of a smoothie with silken tofu blended on it. I know it sounds weird but it was refreshing.

Warawara 11

Finally I had my coffee but the iced variant as it was hot outside but I want a doze of caffeine. This certainly fixed it as you can taste the espresso in there, it was strong and it was good.

Warawara 10

Over all the place and food was good apart from that crispy noodle, the staff was great and the place was clean. I love how they presented their dishes it was an eye candy that you can only experience on expensive places. I will definitely recommend this place and will be back for that dripped coffee.

Warawara 06

Warawara Restaurant
Address: 76 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +649 476 6878


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  1. Chili pork for me, please. My kind of dish! Fun read — thanks.

  2. suituapui says:

    Very colourful, the food. Lovely place. I like that – the last pic! Great words pf wisdom.

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