Let’s Celebrate its Hamburger Day!

The Imitators

This next burgers on the line might not be beefy enough to be called a burger but they are as good enough to be included in this celebration.

Homemade Copycat Zinger Burger 2

Let’s start with some chicken variants like this Homemade Copycat Zinger Burger and Chicken Chipotle Burger, who can resist a juicy chicken with crispy batter in a crispy spicy chilli sauce. Chilli Lovers rejoice!

Chicken Chipotle Burger

Taking about fakes then this is one is definitely one, as good as a real burger but no meat involved, the Double Cheese Mushroom Burger.

Double Cheese Mushroom Burger

Now if you don’t like bread why not enjoy the burgers with rice like this Hawaiian icon the Loco Moco

Loco Moco 2

And a Filipino copycat of the Salisbury steak popularized by a Burger Chain back home, the burger steak.

Burger Steak 2

But if you love pizza more than a burger then go for this Cheeseburger Pizza.

Cheeseburger Pizza



2 Responses

  1. How could I have let such a momentous day go by without a burger. A day late and a dollar short as they say, I’ll having one today. You’ve certainly shared some good ones with us.

  2. suituapui says:

    It is? Gee!!! I didn’t even know. LOL!!! Wow!!! Those burgers sure look gorgeous!!!

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