Let’s Celebrate its Hamburger Day!

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Tomorrow May 28 is the National Hamburger Day so there is a good excuse for you to get a real good burger or even make one at home. Burgers had come a long way since the European have brought it over in America during the 1880’s starting from the humble beginning of patty, beard, sauce and some trimmings like lettuce, pickles and onion to the many different varieties like this Black Cheese Burger, 7 Layer Burgers or even a $1700 burger.

Today we are celebrating this with a list of the burgers we made here at Ang Sarap, so if you are planning to make one at home I hope this can inspire you! We have a recipe for everyone, vegetarians, rice lovers and even pizza lovers so without further ado let go and see that list.



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  1. How could I have let such a momentous day go by without a burger. A day late and a dollar short as they say, I’ll having one today. You’ve certainly shared some good ones with us.

  2. suituapui says:

    It is? Gee!!! I didn’t even know. LOL!!! Wow!!! Those burgers sure look gorgeous!!!

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