8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

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We just recently discovered this place when we were looking for another Korean barbecue restaurant in the Takapuna area, initially we were destined to be on one of them but stumbled upon this place and luckily we did as during the time of our visit this was nearly new and everything was freshly refurbished meaning it was clean.

The place does not look like most of the buffet Korean Barbecue restaurants in Auckland where they use the cheap $20.00 portable burner with a disposable gas canister, this is on a different level, similar to the good Korean Barbecue restaurants that are not offering buffets.

Upon entering the premises you will notice that everything is clean and it looks more of a cafe than what it really is. The place is well designed and the tables and chairs are good quality. The cooktop are built in and the cooked food buffet section food warmers uses a good quality brand and not the thin stainless steel ones. It was surprising already at this point as the price for a Traditional Buffet without Barbecue was just NZ$18.00 and for the ones that include Barbecue it was just $25.00. You might also need to note that for lunch both prices are available but during dinners only the ones with Barbecue are available.

Honestly if you’re dining in at lunch time you don’t need the barbecue are there are lots of freshly cooked food available to choose from and lets name some of the ones I tried.

Let’s start with some salad, there were a couple on display together with a multitude of sauces that I did not take a photo of.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 10

After some light salad then we had this crispy pork with a sweet savoury sauce, I think it is called Tangsuyuk. Anyways they were good reminds me of the Chinese sweet and sour but less red colour and sour in taste.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 02

Then this Tteobokki, a sweet spicy sticky rice cake.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 03

Then this thinly sliced pork in a slightly spicy savoury sauce

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 04

and thinly sliced beef which I guess was bulgogi. Again both were great and not really that spicy which means non chilli lovers can still handle the flavour.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 05

Korean buffet and barbecue will not be complete without some Kimchi.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 06

some vegetable banchan sides

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 08

and even more banchan

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 16

And if that is still not enough well you have something that kids would love like this really crispy and juicy fried chicken and some French fries.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 07

How about some Pajeon, this Korean pancakes are addictive and a good tummy filler so don’t get carried away too much with this.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 09

Taking about tummy fillers they also have the Korean sushi called Gimbap, which is offered in salmon, breaded chicken and beef.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 15

then you can also have something to push that food further down your stomach

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 14

If you think are already finished well that’s just the cooked dishes there are still more types of barbecue to choose and cook at your table top.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 13

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 12

And to finish it all up well don’t expect some fancy dessert what you paid is already more enough for the mains, sides, soup, salad and hot drinks but don’t worry there are desserts but in fruit form.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet 11

Overall the place was nice, located in a good location in Takapuna, it was clean, the food was freshly cooked and they tasted great but most important of all they were very affordable. I would definitely recommend this place in fact it can be a first choice if you are after a good Korean buffet restaurant in North Shore, I will definitely come back here.

Address: 138 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland 0622
Phone: +64 9486 5050
Website: http://www.8colours.co.nz/

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3 Responses

  1. Wow, what a selection this place has! I want some of everything. Not possible, I know, but everything looks so good. Thanks for a great review!

  2. suituapui says:

    Everyone’s going crazy about Korean these days, mostly the ladies, thanks to the tv dramas and K-pop.

    I am so so with their cuisine, not a fan of kim chi and they tend to have that in a lot of things…and other dishes like the grilled meat, the pancake are all pretty usual stuff.

    I would go for Filipino…or Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian – our own ASEAN stuff…anytime.

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