Al’s Deli (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Located in the Upper Queen St of Auckland’s CBD is this Canadian themed restaurant serving amazing donuts, poutine and Canadian beers! When you first step in this place you will notice the fresh bagels and most importantly the donuts displayed beside the cashier.

Flavours vary from this Smores and raspberry white chocolates

Al's Deli 04

crunchies and lemon meringue

Al's Deli 05

and something as heavenly as this snickers served with syringe filled with syrup.

Al's Deli 03


Though this will immediately grab your attention don’t forget that they have an excellent menu that contains a lot of great food from burgers, steaks, chicken, sundaes and shakes to name some.

Al's Deli 01_

Al's Deli 02

I would love to try a lot of them but the servings were huge so I was limited to what my tummy can handle hence I ordered the essentials starting with the poutine ($11.00).

Well it would be a crime not to order this on a Canadian restaurant, the freshly made French Fries topped with homemade cheese curds and poutine gravy is a total Canadian comfort dish, its messy, it’s delicious, it’s addictive, start on this one and you will munch on them nonstop.

Al's Deli 06

We then grabbed those amazing burger called the Holy Tabarnak ($19.00) which is made of 2 pieces of meaty juicy 150g Angus burgers, special hickory BBQ sauce, cheese smoked bacon and onion rings. I guess I don’t need to explain more, just the mere thought of having all of those in one is enough to make any man salivate.

Al's Deli 07

And if the burger does no give you protein then the best way to get that extra protein boost is in this Mixed Grill ($36.00) which is a 4 piece men’s happy meal that has a Montreal spice rubbed Angus sirloin, signature sausage, quarter rack hickory smoked ribs, plateau crispy chicken, salad and more fries (sadly the fries is not a poutine).

Al's Deli 08

What I loved most on this platter is Angus sirloin and specially the chicken, if I am not yet full I will grab another separate order for the chicken but I don’t want to be gluttonous and I still need to reserve some space for the Canadian beer.

Al’s Deli is a great place especially for a boy’s night out, it will definitely fill you up when you are hungry, the food tastes amazing and they don’t skimp on their serving sizes. I imagine myself going back here after a very tiring activity like after running the Round the Bays, after joining a Tough Guy or even after a good game of basketball.

Al’s Deli  
Address: Auckland, City Rd, Auckland 1010
Phone: +64 9373 2961

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  1. suituapui says:

    Wowwww!!! That’s one awesome looking burger. The Mixed Grill looks too good to resist too.

  2. Wow, what a menu! And I’ve never seen syrup-filled syringes before in a donut. Fun idea! Sounds like a great place — thanks.

  3. eva says:

    Simply splendid!

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