You won’t believe this is an Instant Tonkotsu Ramen

Washoku Explorer Cooked 01

I guess most of us have tried instant noodles even just once in our lives, some love them and some hate them. For haters I understand the frustration as most of the instant noodles out there is far from the texture and flavour of the real stuff but if you search harder you will find really good one like this set I got from WASHOKU Explorer.

This Tonkotsu Ramen from this set box will definitely not disappoint you, the flavour and texture is just amazing, at first I was doubtful specially when the flavour is Tonkotsu as making this at home is tedious and the broth is what brings life to this dish. I just can’t imagine an instant noodle can get the taste as well as the gelatinous feel of the real broth.

This Marutai Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen is a part of a whole set where it includes the other items like Nori, Dried Kikurage and Dried Negi. As a bonus a Washoku Explorer original Ramen bowl and Renge (spoon for soup) is included so if you will go serious with your ramen eating adventure then you are sorted with your utensils.

I was excited to get the box directly from Japan and one day when it arrived I immediately opened it the minute I got hold of it. I was surprised how it was packaged bubble wraps on the sides to protect the delicate noodles as well as the bowl, it’s like protecting a really important item inside. Inside was wrapped in a red crepe paper folded nicely with notes on what the contents are, it was also nice to see some handmade origami and stuck a sticker on the wrap holding the note which lets you know that everything was hand packaged and taken care of.

Washoku Explorer Set 02

After removing the note, opening the pack was such a joy, you can see each item group is again nicely bubble wrapped inside. One for the food items and another one for the cutleries.

Washoku Explorer Set 01

I feel like this is an unboxing of a new device as the excitement feels the same. After opening the bubble wraps we are in business I just need to open the individual packaging and ready for cooking.

Washoku Explorer Set 03

If you will not be using the Dried Kikurage you can actually make this in just two minutes but since I want to try everything in the set I need to soak the Dried Kikurage in hot water until it turns soft which takes around 30-40 minutes.

Washoku Explorer Set 04

But once everything is prepared it is quite easy, you just need to boil water and cook your noodles for two minutes and add all the garnishing.

This set will last you four servings and each one is quite filling, the taste was great and definitely looks like the real thing sans the meat. The flavour was great, the broth was sticky and the noodles was in perfect texture.

Washoku Explorer Cooked 02


3 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    With ingredients? I wouldn’t mind trying that. Saw some ramen here, I think one would have to add one’s own ingredients. I’m not all that keen.

  2. I need this right now. Looks incredibly delicious 🙂

  3. mjskit says:

    WOW! This does look good! Oh and BTW – every since you posted that post on how to select ramen noodles, I have bought those little cheap packet since. Thanks!

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