The Glass Goose Federal Bar and Eatery (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

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Unlike most countries consuming a couple or a bit more of wine and beer is acceptable in most of the workplaces New Zealand, I see this a lot during lunchtime where they chug on a pint like drinking some soft drinks with their lunch. I rarely do this because I feel sleepy afterwards but if I do I make sure to have wine instead of beer. This is what happened one time we were sponsored for lunch with one of our suppliers.

Just at the middle of town beside Sky City tower we had our lunch time affair, we were there quite early for lunch so we enjoyed a couple glasses of wine before the solid food was ordered. Most of them ordered beer by I grabbed some Lake Hayes Pinot Noir 2013 ($16.00), it’s a Central Otago wine which is my preference when it comes to reds, with hints of fruity cherry and plum it’s an easy drinking wine with fine silky texture.

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After a couple of glass we started to order starting from the crumbed pork belly served with a mulled wine glaze ($4.50 per piece), at first I never thought it was a pork belly until I had a bite. It’s a twice cooked pork, I guess first by boiling it with spices and deep frying it with breading, in effect making the insides really tender, moist and very tasty.

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Then comes the pulled pork slider ($5.00 per piece) served on a milky bun, it was good but not that special, and it’s just your normal pulled pork.

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After the pulled pork came the duck fat potato skins ($12.00) served with garlic, rosemary and aioli dip. This basically are potato skins deep fried in duck fat and it was amazing, it’s not all skin though as there is a thick part of the potato flesh left. Cooked perfectly, very crispy on the outside with soft insides, perfect with the dip that it is accompanied with.

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I ordered another wine after this just to cut the greasiness of the first dishes we had then we had another deep fried stuff, the potato cod croquettes ($3.50 per piece), this was good I love its fishy taste and mushy consistency inside.

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We also grabbed some pulled brisket bun ($18.00) served with pickles and mustard to top it all off. This was good but like the pulled pork it’s not that special, the beef was well made very tender but I wish it can offer something more exciting.

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To finish it all up we also grabbed some cheese board ($30.00) which consists of different New Zealand cheeses, apple, grapes, chutney, and crackers. A perfect way to end a meal.

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Overall it was a great experience specially dining out al fresco in the sun, after a cold winter this was a good time to have some Vitamin D on your body. Though the pulled pork and pulled brisket was a let-down the potato skins and the crumbed belly was one of the best I tried.

The Glass Goose
Address: 78 Federal St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-379 9404

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  1. Sounds like a great place! I don’t usually do booze for lunch (that sleepy thing), but sometimes you just have to. I’d have to here! Great review — thanks.

  2. suituapui says:

    I don;t drink…not anymore but I would enjoy those lunchtime snacks. The pulled brisket bun would be filling enough for me, looks good.

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