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We have our fair share of travel and saw Ben and Jerry’s in Brisbane, Los Angeles and even in Berlin but never fancied trying them on those locations, must be because we are too busy sightseeing and never had bothered having a scoop of this until now. Ben and Jerry’s finally arrived here in New Zealand just recently, in fact on December 2015 they opened their first shop in Ponsonby. We were quite late on trying it out as we had our first scoop somewhere in January.

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When we came in it was on an evening after a dinner at Farina’s and even at that time the queue was still long but luckily it was moving fast, there were lots of servers to assist you. There were heaps of flavours which we don’t know anything about so we decided to get what we think looks good. We grabbed two cones that night one was Phish Food where it is made out of Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow, Caramel Swirls & Chocolatey Fish then the other one was Chocolate Fudge Brownie which is a Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Brownies. I know both of them where chocolates but who can you blame they both look really good.

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Anyways we gave others a try as well as they offer free tasting so we had tried Coconut Seven Layer Bar which is a Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut & Chocolatey Flakes, Walnuts and Swirls of Cookie & Butterscotch, we also tried the Strawberry Cheesecake which is a Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Strawberries & a Thick Cookie Swirl.

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So what was the verdict, well the one we haven’t bought were the ones we really liked specially that strawberry cheesecake, while the chocolate flavoured ice creams were quite sweet to our liking luckily we did not asked for those chocolate covered cones but don’t get me wrong they were good and very chunky, it certainly did not skimp on any chocolates, marshmallows or brownies, I think we’re just used to the New Zealand taste after living here for quite some time already so we already lost the American sweet taste event the Filipino salty taste. So for the ones with the sweet tooth this is your perfect fix and for those who prefer it less sweet I think the non-chocolate ones are the best to pick.

Definitely we will go back here to try the other ones, I think I will try the sorbets or their fruity variants on that next trip.

Ben & Jerry’s Ponsonby
Address: 160 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland NZ

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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    Love Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia! My favorite flavor. Their ice cream is on the sweet side, though. But a little goes a long way! Terrific review — thanks.

  2. Instetesting! Everything looks delish although it is not one of my fave American ice cream shops here. But like John said; cherry Garcia is a popular flavor here.

  3. BEN & JERRY’s was my favorite ice cream shop when I was younger – I can still smell the deliciousness of that shop! Ugh! SO GOOD!

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