Kin Ramen (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bangkok Airport

We love Suvarnabhumi Airport, there are lots of places to buy your last minute shopping and souvenirs, there are several Thai massage stalls (we tried one) and lots of option if you get hungry mostly Thai in Thai cuisine but international options are plenty as well.

We checked in a bit early so we have tons to spare so we had some Thai massage treatment, after that we had some spare change to burn so we dined in at this restaurant Kin Ramen after seeing their photo of Mango with sticky rice. It’s quite a big establishment compared to the others and there were some diners inside, lots of free space so there was no issue on where we want to seat.

Kin Ramen 01

After choosing our tables we were handed out a laminated menu which I guess contains their best sellers. It did not take a while for us to choose as we only have spare change and we know what we want so we ordered the Mango with sticky rice, Shank Beef Braised with Chinese Medicine Ramen and a Mango Smoothie, not sure of their prices but they were cheap compared to New Zealand prices.

Kin Ramen 04

Dishes arrived quite quickly as these can be pre made, starting with the mango with sticky rice. This dish was amazing, it was well made the balance of saltiness and sweetness in the sticky rice makes you salivate every time you munch on them, mix that with a slice of mangoes it was heaven.

Kin Ramen 03

Next up was this Shank Beef Braised with Chinese Medicine Ramen, it’s quite hearty and full of flavour my daughter compared it with my Beef Brisket Noodle Soup, slightly sweet, savoury and aromatic. It’s a prefect dish to have on a hungry tummy the soup gives that comforting feeling.

Kin Ramen 02

For our drink we had this Mango Smoothie, a perfect drink for a tropical country like Thailand but I feel the mangoes used here is not similar to the ones in the sticky rice or it might be the same but the smoothie is quite watered down the mango taste was not that strong.

Overall the dishes were great I hope we have more spare change so we tried the others as well, also it was near evening time which means dinner will be served an hour after we board the plane so no point consuming more food than what we already had.

Kin Ramen
Address: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 134 8888


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  1. suituapui says:

    Ooooo…mango sticky rice, my favourite Thai dessert!!!

  2. I so would have ordered 4 of those salmon salads!

  3. Gorgeous Thailand… it has been in my travel list for years.

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