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Crispy Adobo 1

Crispy Adobo

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  • Author: Raymund
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 1 min
  • Total Time: 16 mins
  • Yield: 6 1x
  • Category: Main Course
  • Cuisine: Filipino


Crispy Adobo is a totally different adobo version as this one does not have any sauce on it but it still uses the Filipino choice of meat which is pork, think of this as a cross between a Lechon Kawali and adobo where pork is twice cooked by stewing then deep frying to get that crispy outer texture and soft insides.Modify your meta description by editing it right here


  • 1 kg Pork belly, cubed
  • 1 whole garlic, minced
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • ½ cup soy sauce (Philippine Soy Sauce not the Chinese Soy Sauce, they taste differently if you can’t find one you can use Kikkoman)
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • oil
  • bay leaves
  • whole pepper corns
  • water


  1. In a skillet sauté garlic in oil using low heat until golden brown. Remove from pot and set aside.
  2. Add pork belly and fry until browning occurs.
  3. Add ½ cup water, ½ cup vinegar, ½ cup soy sauce, 2 tbsp peppercorn, 4 bay leaves and 1 tbsp sugar then bring to a boil and simmer for 30-35 minutes or until pork is tender and liquid dries out.
  4. Remove pork from skillet then drain off excess liquid and let it cool.
  5. Prepare a wok for deep frying, add enough oil and heat it to 180C. Carefully drop the pork and deep fry for 3-5 minutes or until crispy.
  6. Using a slotted spoon remove pork from hot oil, place in a paper towel lined plate to drain excess fat then place in a serving platter toss in the crispy garlic then serve.