The Fifth Food Avenue (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Fifth Food Avenue 05

Few more hours before we head back home to New Zealand we passed by one of the big malls in Bangkok called MBK, I guess anyone who visits Bangkok knows this place. Located just beside the National Stadium Station this mall is quite accessible, in fact came in here via bus and we went straight from here to the airport using the trains.

MBK 01

MBK 02

MBK 04

We’ve been here twice and after several years the place looks similar though stalls have changed through time. We did some mini shopping before going back as prices in this mall is definitely much cheaper than in Auckland.

MBK 03

After several hours it was lunch time and this is one good places to be in at that time because on the 5th floor there lies this amazing food court called The Fifth Food Avenue.

MBK 05

The Fifth Food Avenue 04

This type of food court reminds me of those open food courts you find in Malaysia but instead of it being open air you are enclosed in a fully air conditioned place protecting you from the humidity outside. In here you can find different type of cuisines from Asian, Western, European and even Middle Eastern. As you come in you will be given one card per person, it is where your purchases will be recorded so you do not need any cash as you order, and you just present this card.

The Fifth Food Avenue 03

There were lots of choices but we chose some Asian dishes while we are here so we grabbed a couple of noodle soups and some curry laksa from the Chinese and Malaysian stalls respectively.

The Fifth Food Avenue 02

At this moment we were really tired so I forgot to take photos of the menu hence I can’t remember how much each of them cost but I remember it’s quite reasonable if not cheap. The orders took some time to arrive as they are freshly made (I guess apart from the roast duck) and the amount of people dining in.

First order was this Roast Duck Noodles and it comes with some dim sum and extra soup, it was flavourful and delicious to sad the dim sum was not that much but the noodles was quite filling.

The Fifth Food Avenue 07

Another order was this seafood curry laksa, this one was top notch, it’s creamy but not overpowering, it’s spicy and the flavour of the seafood was great. I felt it needed more noodles as that soup was just amazing.
The Fifth Food Avenue 06

Both dishes were amazing, definitely we will order it again if we stayed here longer. Now its payment time, we just used one card instead of three, it ok doing this and I suggest it if you’re in one group where one pays but make sure everyone has a card as this is needed to exit the place.

THE FIFTH food avenue
Address: 444, 5th Floor, Zone A, Tokyo side, Phayathai Rd., Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 620 9082


4 Responses

  1. Antypasti says:

    absolutely love this food court, and yes it is pretty cheap, even cheaper than some streetfood stalls honestly. Love their pad thai and especially remember this aromatic broth with pork offal which was simply great.

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    What terrific pictures! Almost like being there. But not quite, because I can’t taste the wonderful food you had! Really fun — thanks.

  3. suituapui says:

    That place sure looks like a gourmet paradise! So many choices, and nice name too!

  4. THESE are the types of places I ADORE wandering around!!! I cannot wait to wander around Bangkok when I go in the fall! 🙂

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