Lindt Sprungli (Zurich, Switzerland)

Lindt Sprungli 01

Who does not like chocolates and sweet treats? Just looking at these baked goods and confections can instantly make you happy. This was our second time here and I will still have the same reaction even on my third, fourth or fifth visits, the quality of their treats here is almost unparalleled. While I am not a person with sweet tooth, I occasionally love sweet things hence once in a while I visit places like this.

There are lots of Lindt shops in Zurich and I remembered I had posted an article before when we visited the Lindt Factory as well as trying out their amazing Macarons called Luxemburgerli, now it’s their cake we tried. But before I say something about that let me show you around the shop via the photos I had taken during our last trip.

Confiserie Sprüngli is located in the centre of Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich just beside those big Swiss banks. It’s quite a busy place perfect for the tourists as well as the office workers. The shop is big and they sell different confections from chocolates, macarons, pastries and cakes. Look there are too many things to try but you can’t just buy them all in one visit.

When you enter the premises different flavoured macarons will greet you, and like I said before these were the best macarons I tried so far and it still holds true until today.

Lindt Sprungli 08

Lindt Sprungli 09

On one side you will see all sorts of different chocolates

Lindt Sprungli 03

Lindt Sprungli 04

and on the other side, pastries and cakes

Lindt Sprungli 07

Lindt Sprungli 06

Lindt Sprungli 5

Lindt Sprungli 02

Most of what they sell are in individual sizes where you can mix and match what you can put in a box. This visit definitely macarons will be in the shopping bag, that’s always given, it is a sin not to buy. I think.

Lindt Sprungli 13

But this time we also tried two of their mouth watering mini cakes

Lindt Sprungli 12

This is their chocolate raspberry cake

Lindt Sprungli 10

This is a lemon sponge cake

Lindt Sprungli 11

Both cakes were amazingly delicious. The chocolate raspberry is perfect on its own as a dessert. However, I find the lemon sponge cake better with a cup of coffee or tea as it is quite sweet to my taste.


Confiserie Sprüngli AG
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 21 Ch-8022 Zürich, Switzerland


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  1. Of course you would need to try at least one of each for Quality assurance testing… wink wink. Very beautiful and your photos even in less lighting situation are so good. How do you do that. I can never get good photos in restaurants, etc…

  2. Kristy says:

    The macaroons look amazing!!!! We would love this place. 🙂

  3. I honestly don’t know if I could ever leave there!

  4. I’m with Bobbi — you have to try at least one of each. 🙂 Really fun pictures — everything looks so terrific. Thanks!

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