Chalet Suisse (Mendrisio, Switzerland)

Fox Town

This is our second time in this place at the same branch, located just near the border of Italy and Switzerland it’s a very convenient spot when you’re travelling between two countries as you can have a stop over here, eat then do some high end brand outlet shopping afterwards. We usually allot the whole afternoon from noon time when we visit this place, though Chalet Suisse can be found in other parts of Switzerland it was the FoxTown Outlet that brought us here so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Like before we had lunch first before doing some serious shopping but this time instead of just roesti’s for our order we did tried some of their other specialties as well. Roesti was still requested specially this Veal Roesti (CHF 33.00) as it was their specialty.

Chalet Suisse 03

we also had some Cheese Roesti (CHF 21.00)

Chalet Suisse 02

and these were just starters, we had ordered some steaks served with bread and salad (can’t remember the price)

Chalet Suisse 01

Chalet Suisse 05

The steak was not as good as the ones we have in New Zealand but when this amazing pot of Cheese Fondue (CHF 70.00) was served it changed the whole ball game. It a pot of melted cheese served with more bread, potatoes, pickles and mushrooms, quite expensive as it’s nearly NZ$ 110.00 for an order but it was all worth it.

Chalet Suisse 04

After that lunch I feel not eating cheese for a year, there’s too much cheese in that dish than the supply of one minimart back in the Philippines. It was so good, definitely a dream place for those who loves cheese, it’s so additive, I can’t stop dipping the bread pieces and munching on them bit by bit. If it was not just for those heavy potatoes me and my daughter can devour this non-stop.

The only downside to this is that you feel really full, just imagine all of that cheese and carb intake, you will definitely feel sleepy. In a way that’s good so you will feel not doing some shopping because FoxTown is not your average outlet store, though it’s still called an outlet the most of the brands here are quite high end like Gucci, Prada, Bally, etc. so the sale price would still be steep for normal plebeians like me.

I suggest to take your time in this place especially when you are passing the 57km long Gothard Base Tunnel as there is a high chance you will be in a traffic jam of more than an hour or two waiting near the tunnel entrance but if run out of moolah and want to start driving back then I suggest using the mountain pass instead, no traffic and definitely amazing views.

To Gothard Pass 02

To Gothard Pass 03

To Gothard Pass 01

To Gothard Pass

Chalet Suisse
Address: Via Angelo Maspoli 18, Mendrisio CH-6850, Switzerland


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