Top 42 Pulutan Favourites

Seafood Pulutan Recipes

Deep Fried Squid Rings served with mayonnaise dip.

Gambas Wide

Another Pulutan Favourite these spicy sautéed prawns are infused with tons of garlic.

Inihaw na Panga Wide

Inihaw na Panga
Chargrilled fish jowls/wings (as what is called here in NZ) marinated in sweet soy sauce.

Inihaw na Pusit Small

Inihaw na Pusit
Chargrilled squid served with vinegar soy sauce dip.

Kilawing Isda

Kilawing Isda
Raw cubed fish drenched in spicy vinegar.

Kilawing Isda at Baboy

Kilawing Isda at Baboy
Same as the one above but with crispy pork fat pieces.

Nilasing Na Hipon

Nilasing Na Hipon
Gin marinated crispy fried prawns.

Pinaputok na Isda Wide

Pinaputok na Isda
Pulutan Favourite for the fish lover, this chargrilled whole fish is stuffed with onions and tomatoes.

Sizzling Teriyaki Squid Wide 2

Sizzling Teriyaki Squid
Grilled squid served with Teriyaki sauce on a sizzling plate.



8 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    The roast pork belly looks good!

  2. Anne says:

    Its kilawin po and not kilayin

  3. J Travis says:

    Thanks for the list! These can also be delicious pinoy ulam recipes and not just for pulutan

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