Top 8 Foods That Will Bring You Good Luck in the New Year

Lucky Sweet Dishes

Fruit Basket

Round Fruits
12 or 13 of this to be precise! So why two different numbers? Well in the Philippines the custom is to have 13 as it’s considered to be a lucky number, in other countries where this is considered unlucky then use 12 as it represents the 12 months in a year. Now why do I need round fruits? It’s because of their shapes which resembles coins, now how about some the polygon shaped coins 🙂

Corn Muffins Wide

This is more of an American Custom and it derives its luck from its shape and colour, it does resemble a gold bar and to beef up the luck it can give why not add some corn kernels to resemble some gold nuggets. I think this year I will make a jewellery shaped cornbread but where do I get the moulds. While I don’t have a recipe for the bread I have the one for muffins which I think is a better idea as it resembles the Chinese gold nugget shape. So get your corn muffin recipe here.

Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake

Round Cake
Everything is shaped round why not have round cakes as well, it can be the centrepiece of your table during this time. Round cakes encourages “coming full circle” in each of your endeavours. For this what I suggest is make some cheesecakes and I have heaps of quick and easy cheesecakes recipes here.

Mochi Wide

Sticky Rice Cakes
Now you have most of the luck ready you need to make sure that stick with you so serve any sticky rice cakes like Mochi, Royal Bibingka and Buchi, take note all of those are round as well to ensure maximum effect.

How about you do you have any lucky ideas to share? Share it below and don’t worry if I get lucky I will share my winnings as well.




7 Responses

  1. I always lean to the pork side which is not a very good idea but I ignore to care. Nice post as usual .

  2. Kristy says:

    Great round-up Raymund. My family always served some kind of bean. I should find out what that was and restart the tradition. Cheers to a great New Year!

  3. A delicious round up and we all need some good luck. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. suituapui says:

    Yes, a fish is a MUST for the New Year’s Eve dinner among the Chinese as the name “yu”, sounds like the word for “have” or “possess” and one must not eat all of it – must leave some to eat in the New Year.

  5. I should concoct a multi-course meal that includes all of things, and then I will be the luckiest man on earth!

  6. Delicious round up! I am planning on having all of these. I will start with dessert as life is short and I adore mochi! Wishing you a very safe, happy and lucky New Year!

  7. mjskit says:

    Didn’t realize these were all considered new year “lucky” dishes. I’ll have to remember this. I was raised in the southern U.S. and the traditional new year food was black-eyed peas. We still make them today. 🙂

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