Top 8 Foods That Will Bring You Good Luck in the New Year

Lucky Savoury Dishes

Lechon Wide

In countries like Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Cuba this is considered to be lucky to make sure you have some pork dish served on your dining table this time of the year. Pig symbolizes progress since it does not move backwards only forwards, this means that would be the same case with your fortune as well. Best dishes to serve this time will be a whole roast pig but if you don’t have that much family members to feed roast pork can do the job.

Kale Chips Wide

Green Leafy Vegetables
Green is widely associated with cash in many countries from America and even in Europe hence a lot of the cultures in this region enjoy eating green leafy vegetables like kale, cabbage and or collard greens. It is believed that the more you eat greens the more money you will have so at this instance it good to commit gluttony, anyways even you don’t get lucky with money you will get lucky with health just imagine the health benefits you can get with these. Good recipes that we can associate with this are the following: Sauteed KaleBok Choy in Oyster Sauce and/or Kailan in Oyster Sauce.

Malaysian Style Steamed Fish Wide

Whole fish (Including the Head and Tail)
This is a Chinese custom and like the 888 plate numbers it has the same reason why fish is considered lucky, the Chinese word “fish” sounds like the Chinese word for “abundance”. Take note you cannot use any fillets as this will break your luck, leaving the whole fish intact ensures you have a good year from the beginning of the year till the end. How about fish balls? Its fish and its round, so do I get double the luck?

So what delicious dishes can I serve using the whole fish? Well you can make any of these Pinaputok na isda, Crispy Fried Fish in Garlic Ginger Sauce, Malaysian Style Steamed Fish, Garlic Butter Baked Salmon and/or Escabeche.

Long Noodles
Now you got your money and luck sorted out why not ask for good health and the best way to do that is to serve some long noodles which resembles long life and in line with this I already compiled a list for every noodle soup recipes you can serve.



7 Responses

  1. I always lean to the pork side which is not a very good idea but I ignore to care. Nice post as usual .

  2. Kristy says:

    Great round-up Raymund. My family always served some kind of bean. I should find out what that was and restart the tradition. Cheers to a great New Year!

  3. A delicious round up and we all need some good luck. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. suituapui says:

    Yes, a fish is a MUST for the New Year’s Eve dinner among the Chinese as the name “yu”, sounds like the word for “have” or “possess” and one must not eat all of it – must leave some to eat in the New Year.

  5. I should concoct a multi-course meal that includes all of things, and then I will be the luckiest man on earth!

  6. Delicious round up! I am planning on having all of these. I will start with dessert as life is short and I adore mochi! Wishing you a very safe, happy and lucky New Year!

  7. mjskit says:

    Didn’t realize these were all considered new year “lucky” dishes. I’ll have to remember this. I was raised in the southern U.S. and the traditional new year food was black-eyed peas. We still make them today. 🙂

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