41 Delicious New Year Noodle Soup Recipes

41 Noodle Soups

In the Philippines we have a tradition every New Year’s Eve that rooted out from superstitions as well as inherited from other countries like China and Spain. Part belief, part tradition we usually follow rules on what and what not to do during this one day of the year from making lots of noise, turning on all lights, not sweeping the floors, as well as opening all doors and windows as it approaches the New Year.

These are only samples of those rules, there are so many of this even what to serve during this time is quite important. Some of the usual ones are preparing 12 or 13 round fruits (to be lucky of the next 12 months + one), serving of some sticky rice cakes (so good fortune sticks), not serving fish or chicken (they are associated with poverty) and serving long noodles with soup (for long life and abundance of wealth).

Now let’s talk about that noodle rule, some believe just serving noodles alone is enough but others believe it has to have some soup that is why during this times the most popular dish is either Pancit canton, Pancit bihon or sotanghon soup. You don’t have to be stuck on this usual fare in fact you can do better by trying out different noodle soup dishes, there are a lot of better alternatives out there so today I will be giving you other ideas on what noodle soup dishes you can serve. I had collated all 41 of our amazing recipes here at Ang Sarap from Beef, Chicken, Pork and Seafood to name some, so without further ado here is it.


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  1. suituapui says:

    I follow our Chinese tradition – mee sua (string.thread longevity noodles) served in chicken soup with lots of ginger and our traditional red wine. We also have this for our birthdays and other special occasions.

  2. Kristy says:

    Happy New Year Raymund!

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