Old Wild West (Venice, Italy)

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You had read before about my unorthodox dining experiences like that Japanese food in Poland, Chinese in Czech Republic, Greek in Austria and now I am having an American West in Italy. I was my birthday and I got to choose freely on my own what to eat, and like any men out there grilled meat is sometimes all we need to be satisfied. To be fair we had our fair share of pizza and pasta in this trip and our past trips in Italy so why not have an American this time.

Old Wild West was my choice, I was eyeing this already when we dined in the restaurant beside it called Don Peppe. That day I saw there was a live performance the next day so going back to Nave de Vero was a great idea. We came back here after a long day in Venice island and the last thing we need is a comfortable place to dine in, indoors with some aircon near our hotel.

Old Wild West 01

We were quite early, in fact an hour early for the live performance so we can’t sit yet on the stage area so we ended up sitting inside the restaurant which was not bad. I love the theme and it was quite delivered everywhere, even the tables that we sat on was like those old wooden carriages that horses tug along on long travels in the West. Upon entering you will see this big wooden carriage filled with peanuts, it’s a free for all affair so you grab as many as you want to bring it to your tables.

Old Wild West 04

While enjoying our appetizer peanuts we reviewed the menu looking for what we wanted, I already knew what to order when I saw a big platter of meat ordered by a couple near our table. Now all we need to think about are the extras to have.

Old Wild West 03

Old Wild West 02

With a big platter like that I guess the only thing we need is some salad so we grabbed some of the Kentucky Salad (€7.20) which consists of Lettuce, roasted bacon, breaded chicken cutlet, Caesar dressing, nachos and cherry tomatoes.

Old Wild West 06

It’s quite a different salad at least to me, never seen anything like such I feel like eating a junk food salad. The lettuce was not that much and it’s studded with lots of chicken and nachos which was good for me, it’s totally a man’s salad, I love it. After that salad starter the meat platter soon arrived called the Grigliata Generale Custer (€15.50 per person), it is a big plate that is filled with grilled Prime Beef, Chicken Breast, Sausage, Hot Dogs and vegetables accompanied by Premium Fries and Old Wild West Sauce

Old Wild West 05

It’s an impressive plate, definitely a good sight for men. The amount of protein on this platter is amazing, perfect to replenish our lost energy on that day. Meat was seasoned well and it’s perfectly cooked. There was quite a lot of meat so there were no more room for the fries that was served together with it, we were also saving space for the dessert that we ordered.

After losing the fight with that stunning platter we then asked for our dessert which is a brownie (€4.50), this dense and moist cake is studded with dried fruit and served with a hefty amount of whipped cream and chocolate topping.

Old Wild West 07

The brownie made it, definitely a good way to end that very satisfying meal. I certainly enjoyed it here, I guess any men would do,

Old Wild West
Address: SS Romea, Angolo via Arduino, 30175 Marghera, Italy
Phone: +39 041 538 4361
Website: www.oldwildwest.com


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