9 Last Minute Budget Friendly Alternatives to Popular Noche Buena Recipes

Top 3-1 (Yes you can have Cheese and Barbecue)

Lumpiang Togue Wide

3 . Lumpiang Gulay or Lumpiang Togue instead of Lumpiang Sariwa
Lumpiang Sariwa might be tiresome to make, imagine making those crepes one by one, if you don’t have that much time left then make Lumpiang Gulay or Lumpiang Togue instead, no need to make those crepes just buy those really affordable wrappers from the nearest palengke and you’re one step nearer to that deep fried vegetable goodness.
[Get the Lumpiang Gulay Recipe here]

Pinaputok na Isda Wide

2 . Pinaputok na Isda instead of Barbecue
Want something to barbecue but you don’t have time to marinate? Why not grill some fish, I bet this would be a better and healthier alternative, it will be cheaper too.
[Get the Pinaputok na Isda Recipe here]

Cheese Sticks Wide

1 . Cheese Sticks instead of Keso de Bola
Keso de Bola is quite overrated, it’s expensive and not everyone loves it why not change it to something everyone likes eating, a dish that is still cheesy but will definitely please a crowd. Cheese sticks might need an additional step of cooking before serving them unlike the usual cheeses where you just slice them but who does not like deep fried stuff?
[Get the Cheese Sticks Recipe here]

There you go our list for our Last Minute Budget Friendly Alternatives to Popular Noche Buena Recipes, hopefully you will find this list helpful and give you an idea on how to still enjoy a great Christmas Eve supper even if you have a tight time and budget.




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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    Wonderful roundup of dishes! Just perfect — thanks. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful recipes.I wish you happy holidays and a very good New Year.

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