9 Last Minute Budget Friendly Alternatives to Popular Noche Buena Recipes

Top 6-4 (Noodles, Pork and Mini Cakes)

Pancit Canton Wide

6 . Pancit instead of Spaghetti
Tomato Sauce, Pasta, Minced Meat, Hotdogs and Cheese usually becomes expensive during these times back home because the sellers know that there is a huge demand for it so instead of preparing these noodles try Pancit. With Pancit you can control the amount of ingredients to add and it will still taste awesome, trust me I tried food court Pancit and the lesser the ingredients the better they were.
[Get the Pancit Canton Recipe here]
[Get the Pancit Bihon Recipe here]
[Get the Pancit Sotanghon Recipe here]

Lechon Kawali Wide

5 . Lechon Kawali or Bagnet instead of Lechon
No moolah for a whole pig then just get a part of its belly, some oil then you are one step to some deep frying goodness.
[Get the Lechon Kawali Recipe here]
[Get the Bagnet Recipe here]


4 . Mamon instead of Ube Cake
Looking to make something soft and fluffy as a cake? Out of budget to buy that ube cake from Goldilocks or Red Ribbon. Then make them something as simple as Mamon at home, it only takes 15 minutes to bake.
[Get the Mamon Recipe here]



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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    Wonderful roundup of dishes! Just perfect — thanks. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful recipes.I wish you happy holidays and a very good New Year.

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