9 Last Minute Budget Friendly Alternatives to Popular Noche Buena Recipes

Top 9-7 (2 Desserts and something Steamed)

Fiesta Float Wide

9 . Fiesta Float instead of Crema de Fruta
Crema de Fruta can be quite tedious to make and expensive, you need to bake some chiffon cake, make some custard, add some fruit cocktail then top it with some jelly and cool it down to set. That will take some time and a great effort to prepare, want something quick that taste and looks nearly the same with less ingredients? Then try this fiesta float.
[Get the Fiesta Float Recipe here]


8 . Embutido instead of Morcon
Beef specially a whole slab of it can be expensive back home but minced meat is way much cheaper so the best alternative for Morcon is this Embutido.
[Get the Embutido Recipe here]

Gulaman with Pineapples and Raisins

7 . Gulaman instead of Cathedral Jelly
Agar agar will definitely be cheaper than the readymade jelly found in the supermarket, so instead of the fancy colourful jelly replace it with this pink ones. Trust me young girls would love the fact that these are pink.
[Get the Gulaman Recipe here]



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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    Wonderful roundup of dishes! Just perfect — thanks. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful recipes.I wish you happy holidays and a very good New Year.

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