10 Delicious Alternative Noche Buena Recipes

Top 10-7 (Chicken, Pork and Sweets)

Rellenong Manok Wide

10 . Rellenong Manok to replace Lechon
Lechon can be expensive and definitely leftovers will be an issue so instead of a whole pig why not try a whole chicken but to make it fancier stuff it with something you like.
[Get the Rellenong Manok Recipe here]

Pata Hamonado

9 . Pata Hamonado to Replace Glazed Ham
Like the Lechon, Glazed Christmas Ham tends to have a lot of leftovers so instead of preparing this why not go a little lower in terms of pork cuts so instead of the butt go for the leg. Now there is more fat so that anyone don’t have to fight for it.
[Get the Pata Hamonado Recipe here]

Black Forest Cheesecake 3

8 . Any cheesecakes to replace Ube Cake
Sometimes Ube Cake can be overrated especially when you are in the Philippines where you can have it every time there is an occasion, overseas is quite different as we sometimes have to make our own. If you are looking for a better alternative for this why not have a cheesecake? It’s no bake and it looks more impressive.
[Get the Cheesecake Recipes here]

Peach Mango Pie

7 . Peach Mango Pie or Apple Pie to replace Bibingka
You might be eating Bibingka nearly every day since the start of Simbang Gabi (Christmas Dawn Mass), why not have something different like a homemade Peach Mango Pie or Apple Pie.
[Get the Peach Mango Pie Recipe here]
[Get the Apple Pie Recipe here]



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  1. Checking out the chicken recipes – ASAP!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Black Forest Cheesecake!!! Thanks Raymund, I need a cheesecake for this weekend and that looks perfect, looks like this is one I will be making now 😉

  3. Mouthwatering — Everything! Wishing you a very Merry Xmas, Raymund!

  4. suituapui says:

    Hey, I thought I commented on this post. Don’t see it anywhere. Never mind! Dropping by cos it’s Christmas Eve. What have you got planned? Cooking up a storm…or dining out some place? Whatever it is, here’s wishing you and all your loved ones a very Happy Christmas, God bless, cheers!!!

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