December 2015

Chalet Suisse (Mendrisio, Switzerland) 6

Chalet Suisse (Mendrisio, Switzerland)

This is our second time in this place at the same branch, located just near the border of Italy and Switzerland it’s a very convenient spot when you’re travelling between two countries as you can have a stop over here, eat then do some high end brand outlet shopping afterwards....

Top 42 Pulutan Favourites 2

Top 42 Pulutan Favourites

Top 42 Pulutan Favourites is a collection of Ang Sarap’s pulutan recipes that you can easily prepare when you have that special inuman session with your best buddies.   From the simplest one like Adobong Mani to the complicated ones like crispy pata we have it sorted for you.  But before...

Inutak 3


Inutak is a type of layered rice cake similar to sapin sapin, consisting of two flavours first is purple yam on the base then topped by a coconut cream flavoured topping. It is first cooked on stove top then baked or broiled to complete the cooking process at the same...

Ristorante Hotel Al Soffiador (Murano, Italy) 23

Old Wild West (Venice, Italy)

You had read before about my unorthodox dining experiences like that Japanese food in Poland, Chinese in Czech Republic, Greek in Austria and now I am having an American West in Italy. I was my birthday and I got to choose freely on my own what to eat, and like...

10 Delicious Alternative Noche Buena Recipes 2

10 Delicious Alternative Noche Buena Recipes

Noche Buena while that might happen only once a year sometimes might be repetitive, the dishes served are almost the same year after year. If you want something fresh and new try some of our recipe ideas that can replace the usual fare you serve on the dining table on that...

Top 10 All Time Filipino Favourite Noche Buena Recipes 4

Top 10 All Time Filipino Favourite Noche Buena Recipes

  I guess there’s no Christmas in other countries that can surpass the celebrations we have in the Philippines, for a start Christmas season back home starts from the “ber” months, meaning anything this “ber” suffix on the month name i.e. September, October even Januaryber is considered Holiday season. During...

Espresso Pumpkin Pie

Espresso Pumpkin Pie

A match made in heaven. On one side the queen of pies, and on the other – aromatic premium espresso. The rich bitter flavors of the coffee work wonders when coupled with the sweetness of the pumpkin pie, together they create a comforting, easy and simply magical pie.