Berényi Fogadó (Nagyrécse, Hungary)

Berényi Fogadó 01

After our tiring few days in Budapest we are on our way to Zagreb, Croatia and were quite running late on schedule as we woke up a little bit late as planned so lunch time caught with us after 2 hours of driving. It was nearly noon time and we are in the middle of a motorway, we were getting hungry and was desperate in looking for some restaurant along the way. Initially I wanted to pass by Lake Balaton but it was out of our way and we might get further delayed to our schedule so we just drove pass by it until we saw a large sign on the motorway that there is a restaurant several kilometres going in the Nagykanizsa exit.

We have no choice but to take the exit as we are all hungry and we need to get rid of the Hungarian money that we have before we cross the Croatian Border. We don’t know what to expect so we did not put our hopes on high plus it’s in the middle of nowhere.

As we approach the place I feel like we were closing in on an old German town as the structure looks like one, there was some pond, a restaurant and a hotel. So far so good, then we parked and walked straight to the restaurant and we were surprise its quite a large area with ample seating fit for a big city, it was also fully staffed. As the menus was given to us I was quite impressed, the selection was just amazing and the menu was is translated in different major European languages

Berényi Fogadó 05
Initially it was quite hard to choose as they have lots of choices from pasta, pizza, seafood, chicken, beef and pork but we decided to grab a couple of pasta, a couple of pizza and some meat.

For the pizzas we had Pizza Al Prosciutto e Funghi (Forint 1350)

Berényi Fogadó 09

Berényi Fogadó 02

and  Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza (Forint 1200)

Berényi Fogadó 08

For pasta since we love seafood, we grabbed  Wide noodles with Salmon, pine seed, Sicilain Pesto and Parmesan Cheese (Forint 1800)

Berényi Fogadó 11

Berényi Fogadó 06

and tried their recommended Fillet of Salmon with creamed mushrooms and broccoli, broad noodles (Forint 2850)

Berényi Fogadó 10

Berényi Fogadó 03

For the meat I ordered Pork medallions with Goose liver (Forint 3400)

Berényi Fogadó 12

Berényi Fogadó 04

The food is cooked while you order and there were also some other patrons in the premises so we waited for around 30 minutes for our orders to arrive. They all arrived at once which is great as we all can start together at the same time.

The serving sizes of their dishes is quite big, the plates on the pictures above are huge. A pasta order can serve 2 people same with the pizza. The pasta was al dente, the pork medallions was cooked to perfection and the pizzas were amazing. It took us a while to finish eating, in fact we had some takeaways with us as we can’t finish some of the pasta and the pizza.

Berényi Fogadó 07

Definitely a place worthwhile stopping by, one thing for sure you will be served with some good food in a large serving. It’s not that expensive as well so if you have some spare Forints use them here before moving on to your next destination country whether its Croatia or Slovenia. For us we are heading to Croatia, with a short drive that is just 1 1/2 hours away we are ready to burn again those calories towards another day of some great sightseeing.

Zagreb 01

Zagreb 02

Zagreb 03

Don’t you agree! Just look at what the capital city of Croatia have to offer.

Zagreb 04

Zagreb 05

Zagreb 06

These are just some highlights, I will leave it up to you when you visit them in the near future.

Zagreb 08

Berényi Fogadó
Address: Nagyrécse, Táncsics Mihály tér 48, 8756 Hungary
Phone: +36 20 387 8966


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  1. suituapui says:

    That Pizza Al Prosciutto e Funghi caught my eye. Haven’t had that for a while now – hmmmm…gotta drop by my favourite Italian place in town soon.

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