Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza (Budapest, Hungary)

Budapest River 02

We had a full day today after lots of walking, hop on hop off as well as some river cruising so were all tired and just wanted to lie down in a big comfy hotel bed. It was quite a tiring day add to that a searing hot sun, most of my energy was depleted but our eyes and brains was full of images from the lovely sights of Budapest.

Budapest River 03

It was a perfect day, if we just have an unlimited energy and longer time in our hands we would scan all streets and alleyways to our hearts desire but we don’t so were limited to what we can only handle. Just look at how amazing this city is from the river.

Budapest River 01

Budapest River 04

Budapest River 06

Budapest River 05

Isn’t that nice but like I said just before the sun sets we are all exhausted so all we need is some filling dinner and a good snooze so we get recharged for the next day. As we drive home to the hotel we never gave enough thought on what to have for dinner we just decided to go to the next nearest street side food stall on the way back and the first one we saw was this Kebab Place.

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 06

Luckily there are ample parking off street so we don’t need to wait.

It’s just a small stall and only have bar chairs inside, outside are 5 to 6 Al Fresco tables under large trees. After securing some tables outside we then ordered.

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 01

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 02

After looking at what they have to offer we decided on getting what they do best the doner kebabs and we got the combo which costs Forint 1090 or roughly around NZ$5.50 (US$ 4.00). With this you get some French Fries as well as a drink.

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 03

We tried both chicken and beef and if I can remember correctly everything was freshly made even the bread (I think).

We eagerly await as it’s made

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 04

and once the bread was ready they ask us what vegetables we want to add in our kebabs (similar to Subway Style).

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 05

Minutes later we have these hot kebabs.

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 07

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza 08

It was really good, the bread was hot, the vegetables was crispy, it does not skimp on the dressing and the meat was seasoned well. It was a filling dinner and a very comforting one, no wonder kebabs are popular in Europe. It was such a nice food to end the day, not too heavy but enough to fill us.

Pasa Kebab Döner & Pizza
Address: Raktár utca 4 Budapest, 1035 Hungary


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  1. Kristy says:

    I can’t help but be so excited when I look at all your pictures Raymund. 🙂

  2. suituapui says:

    Beautiful!!! Your pics sure give due credit to the place, breathtaking!

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