Gelarto Rosa (Budapest, Hungary)

Basilica Budapest

After the first leg of sightseeing in Budapest moved to a place near St. Stephen’s Basilica to find a parking lot so that we can do our hop on hop off tour in the bus as well as on a river boat. While walking to the station where we will first board our tour we stumbled upon this people studded place beside the Basilica’s square.

Basilica Budapest 2

Upon closing in near the place queue is starting to get longer and longer and we were wondering what it was. To my surprise it was this ice cream place I saw online before where they serve it like flowers.

There are many flavours to choose from

Gelarto Rosa 02

Gelarto Rosa 03

and very affordable; 2 flavours cost Forint 550, 3 flavours cost Forint 650 and 4 flavours cost Forint 750. That’s NZ$ 3.00, NZ$ 3.50 and NZ$ 4.00 or US$ 2.00, US$ 2.40 and US$ 2.80 respectively.

Gelarto Rosa 01

Having a cheap price doesn’t mean they will skimp on serving, they don’t.

Gelarto Rosa 05

Queuing up didn’t take longer than expected as we were served immediately.

Gelarto Rosa 04

So as it’s nearing its progress, we start to drool after all that heat and choosing our favourite flavour being scooped into the cones.

Gelarto Rosa 06

Gelarto Rosa 07

Just look at that beauty and it’s not just the looks it tasted really good as well. The flavours that we had are hazelnut, cashew, strawberry, pannacotta salted caramel and mangoes, all of them did definitely stand up in flavour.

Now we are all cooled down, ready to fight that searing sun again so we started walking to the direction of our terminal for our hop on hop off tour.

Gelarto Rosa Street

Gelarto Rosa – Ice Cream shop
Address: Budapest, Szent István tér 3, 1051 Hungary
Phone: +36 70 930 2217


4 Responses

  1. kiwidutch says:

    Wow, this kind of ice-cream I have seen in many places around Europe but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it formed into flowers… What a delight 🙂

    A queue is very often a good sign that there may well be something well worth a detour to see, in this case a very tasty detour indeed!

  2. Karen says:

    How could anyone resist a cone of gelato when it is so pretty.

  3. Oh I loved their ice-cream when I was in Budapest! Great review, brings back memories 🙂

  4. I will be going to Yorkshire, England this New Years… And we want to go somewhere else in Europe too while we are over there…… Hungary…. Yep, I am hungry for it!

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