We are what we eat so eat well and live well (Sponsored Post)

“We are what we eat”. I guess you have heard this phrase a million times but have you stopped for a while and think deeply what this could mean to you? First thing comes to mind when people hear this phrase is that junk food equates to unhealthy lifestyle/bad health. Having said that do you agree that this phrase almost denotes to something negative but what about the good side of it?

“We really are what we eat, when we eat well, with people we care about, we feel good”. Isn’t that better to read or hear? That’s so true don’t you think? This instantly gives you a different thought process that instantly reminds you of what home cooking was supposed to be like. Home cooked family dinners always bring back good memories because it reminds you about those lovely stews your Mom makes or that barbecue your Dad grills, it reminds you of those fun conversations you had on your dining table with your siblings, those were good times, those were memorable times.

Nowadays with our ever busy lifestyle we start to rely on fast food and takeaways rather than home cooked meals which in turn decouples us from those wonderful precious memories we should have experienced and would have imparted to the people we care about. Little that we know that cooking home cooked meals can be easier than waiting for that takeaway order or that long queue at your favourite fast food. Believe it or not cooking at home can be as quick as 15 minutes or less, even better leave everything in the slow cooker before you go to work and when you come back you have this amazing tender fall of the bone stew. There are lots of great recipes you can do at home like the video above from Annabel Langbein, some amazing Pinterest Pins, we even have heaps of quick and easy recipes here in Ang Sarap.

Cooking at home is not just quick, you can also choose the best ingredients for your creation and since you are the one making them you can control what goes into it, making it suitable for your preferences. Cooking at home also imparts long lasting memories to your love ones or even your friends, don’t you love that feeling where your friends and family always brag about that amazing dish you made? What are you waiting for watch that video, go to their site or even check out our recipes here to get tips, tricks and ideas on how to create wonderful dishes that are quick and easy to make then invite your loved ones to the table and share what you created.

*This post has been presented by We Are What We Eat, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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