Original Slovak Restaurant (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Honestly before we visited Bratislava I never knew what to expect in terms of what it looks like, how the people were as well as what type of food there is. Though I had planned for some places to visit and saw how it looked online, it will definitely be different when you see it in real life.

From Vienna it’s just a one hour drive and as you approach the Slovakian border you will see an imposing castle in the horizon located high up a mountain.

Bratislava Castle 1

Bratislava Castle 2

Then from there it will be minutes until you pass by the border, then as you drive through one of their popular landmarks the UFO will greet you as you pass by the main bridge going to the old town.

Bratislava UFO

First impression while we were driving through the main street is that is has that feel of a Russian town post war era but as you approach the old town it suddenly brings you back to medieval Europe, the architecture is nearly the same as its neighbouring country. We chose to just park in a secluded parking lot and just ride on some hop on and hop off tours.

Bratislava Bus

It’s a pleasant medium sized old town where most of the streets are still using cobblestones and most of the buildings are well maintained and still intact, there are few tourist as well.   Most of the streets are narrow and almost all buildings have a very colourful history behind them. In less than two hours we toured most of the important stuff and learned about it.

Bratislava Town 1

Bratislava Town 2

Bratislava Town 3

Bratislava Town 4

Bratislava Town 5

After the tour be were brought back to the same place we hitched the ride and it’s perfectly timed for lunch, we saw this restaurant called Original Slovak Restaurant

Original Slovak Restaurant 06

Just nearby the Historical Slovak National Theatre.

Bratislava Theatre

On their door menu local dishes displayed in pictures in its full glory, it was a good marketing strategy at least for us so we grabbed a table. We were quite thirsty so we grabbed some drink first and they recommended the lemonade which is quite refreshing

Original Slovak Restaurant 04

We then grabbed the menu

Original Slovak Restaurant 01

and started to look on what is good.

Original Slovak Restaurant 05

Original Slovak Restaurant 03

Original Slovak Restaurant 02

Most of them look interesting and even though we wanted to order them all we decided on five items.

First we ordered something safe, the Fried Chicken Schnitzel Kocel (€13.90). Come on its hard to find fault on deep fried stuff.

Original Slovak Restaurant 08

Then since my daughter loves cheese she grabbed some Cheese Dumpling Bacon (€10.90)

Original Slovak Restaurant 10

We also grabbed some Chicken Breast Baked with Peach Svatopluk (€13.90)

Original Slovak Restaurant 09

and something to spice up everything so we had some of the Spicy Chicken Pikant – Pestunka (€13.90) as well. If you notice its sides are 4 small cups of rice, originally on the menu it comes with fries, we just asked if we can replace it with that because we felt that we had enough potatoes recently and missing our staple food.

Original Slovak Restaurant 07

and for the last choice it would have to be their specials so we ordered the Mojmir’s Thalers as well, basically it is a Tenderloin of Pork with Cream Blue Cheese Sauce (€15.90)

Original Slovak Restaurant 11

The food was amazing specially that pork in blue cheese, it tasted really great. The chicken on peach was also a delight. The only food we did not fancy that much was that cheese dumplings as it was quite strong for our palate, I guess this have to be acquired taste. The Spicy Chicken Pikant was also good but for Filipinos it feels like eating some spicy Afritada.

So would we recommend the place, definitely I just wished I tried some of the other dishes as well. The staff were great and they will clearly explain what the dishes are, you can even swap the sides if you don’t want some of them. As for the food you definitely have to order that pork and that chicken and peach they are all worth it. And to finish it all up do also get that lemonade which acts as a palate cleanser after devouring all of that creamy deliciousness.

Original Slovak Restaurant
Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 225/26, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

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  1. suituapui says:

    Stunning!!! I love these old buildings, like some of those in Wellington. They have character, not those modern structures one can find everywhere these days.

  2. I LOVE restaurants like this! The ones with not just amazing food, but amazing histories as well!

  3. Kristy says:

    I am really enjoying following you along your travels Raymund. These are all places we will be very soon and it’s been so much fun getting a sneak peek! What kind of camera/lens are you using for your city shots? They are phenomenal!

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