Taverne Sokrates (Vienna, Austria)

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After a long and very hot day at the Schönbrunn Palace we took refuge at an island in the Danube River called Sunken City.

Vienna Part 2-01

Vienna Part 2-02

We just saw this place after we visited Old Danube a day ago, the place looks so inviting specially that yellow floating bridge in the middle of the river.

Vienna Part 2-04

It was quite a challenge to find a way to go into this place but eventually after some smart searching in Google Maps we eventually got there on the other side of the bridge. Apparently there is no way directly to the island apart from service vehicles.

From the other side there is a lot of paid parking and it’s just a bridge away to the restaurants, anyways there are restaurants on both side the island side just looks more exciting.

So we crossed, the place is filled with locals and we felt that we were the only tourists in there. There are lots of restaurants and we decided to have some Greek food this time.

Vienna Part 2-03

Vienna Part 2-09

Vienna Part 2-08

Vienna Part 2-05

Yeah I know, we had Japanese in Poland, Chinese in Czech Republic and now Greek in Austria. Sorry but were just craving for some Greek Salad and some grilled meats hence our choice.

Taverne Sokrates was the name of the place and it is themed as Greek as possible where everything is colour white and blue.

Taverne Sokrates 01

Food definitely is Greek, they even have a gyro stall separated from the restaurant.

Vienna Part 2-06

Upon seating we immediately ordered as we are all hungry and tired, so we grabbed some Mezes Teller for starters and it comes with mixed roasted aubergines, zucchini and peppers with Tzatziki (€7.50).

Taverne Sokrates 04

We also had two massive plates of grilled meats

Taverne Sokrates 03

Taverne Sokrates 02

One is the Sokrates plate which contains 2 spits of chicken fillet, 2 spits with juicy pork, 2 pork chops and 2 lamb chops. (€32.00)

Taverne Sokrates 06

The other one is called Onassis Plate where it contains 2 chicken fillets, 2 spits of juicy lamb and 4 lamb chops with generous accompaniments (€32.00)

Taverne Sokrates 05

We definitely have a grilled meat overdose here but it’s all good because the food was delicious, it totally regenerated us from our lost energy ready to tackle another day of walking. Definitely a nice place to have dinner away from the busy touristy areas, having said that this place is quite busy as well but it felt different as most of the patrons here are young locals winding down after taking a dip in the river.

Taverne Sokrates
Address: Donaustadt, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 650 5874111
Website: http://www.restaurant-sokrates.at/

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  1. Juliana says:

    OMG, awesome pictures Raymund….I have never been to Vienna and this virtual tour just made my day…and the food looks delicious, with lots of flavors…
    Hope you are enjoying your week 🙂

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