Segelschule Hofbauer (Vienna, Austria)

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This restaurant is one of the most scenic restaurants we dined in when he had this year’s trip to Europe, located in the Old Danube part of Vienna this place is serene and very picturesque. This place I guess is not as popular as the usual tourist spots in Vienna hence it does not look as busy as expected, it also helps that it is quite hard to visit if you don’t have you own transport. When we visited this place we did not know what to expect as I just searched online what are the good places to eat in Vienna and this was one on the top list.

Located in the inner suburbs of Vienna Ufertaverne looks more of a river boat dock from the outside rather than a restaurant. I guess it was repurposed to be an eatery because some parts of the restaurant is extended via floating pontoons.

Vienna 1

We sat beside the edge where the water meets the wooden planks and just look what type of view we got.

Vienna 2

Vienna 3

Its magnificent isn’t it, you feel you are far from the city but not because it’s just around the corner.

Vienna 4

Anyways while we were enjoying our view we waited for our orders and what’s is perfect with this sunset and river on the side are some seafood. This means we indulged in a mixed seafood platter (Fisch- und Meeresfrüchteplatte für zwei Personen 48,00 EUR), where it consist of skewered prawns, some larger prawns cooked in butter, 2 kinds of fish in which one of them was salmon, some calamari and mussels. Well this was so satisfying and definitely what I call heaven in a plate.

Segelschule Hofbauer 02

We also had some salmon risotto (Lauchrisotto mit gebratenem Lachs 14,80 EUR)

Segelschule Hofbauer 03

and some Grilled Calamari served with Tzatziki & Baguette (Calamari gegrillt mit Knoblauch, Petersilie, Tzaziki & Baguette 14,20 EUR)

Segelschule Hofbauer 05

Both we also amazing specially the risotto which we really liked due to its lemony twist. We also did tried their pasta with tomato sauce (Kinderspaghetti mit Pesto oder Tomatensauce 5,80 EUR), even with just tomato sauce this was very good.

Segelschule Hofbauer 04

Segelschule Hofbauer 01

I guess we stayed here more than our usual dining time I guess you know why, just look at the beauty surrounding us we are also letting the sun set so it’s not hot when we walk in the old town square of Vienna so we can enjoy the views and not be bothered of the searing heat of the European summer sun.

Vienna 6

Vienna 5

Vienna 8

Vienna 7

Address: An der Oberen Alten Donau 186, 1220 Donaustadt (22.Bez), Austria
Phone: +43 1 2043953

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6 Responses

  1. Stunning views and super fresh seafood, what is not to love. Need to get this town on my bucket list of places to visit.

  2. shobelyn says:

    beautiful photos and the food look so good

  3. Gorgeous site places and delicious food! This is what traveling is about…

  4. I love Vienna, I think my husband and I are planning a trip back there next year, hopefully will be able to pop by this beautiful restaurant!

  5. Kristy says:

    Raymund your photos are just stunning! I love the nightnight shot in Vienna and I think this is a restaurant we will for sure have to visit!

  6. Lovely pictures! 🙂
    Glad you had the time to see the old Danube and have a yummy meal!

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