PappaRich (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

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Let’s break for a while on my review of the restaurants we dined in on our European holiday and lets go local today because I can’t wait to tell you guys how amazing was the place we had our lunch last weekend. We had some Malaysian exactly a week ago and it was in this place called PappaRich, located just in Aotea Square inside the Skycity Metro building it is set in a perfect location in the heart of the city.

Pappa Rich 12

When we arrived at the place there was quite a queue and this definitely means one thing (hint: good food), I also remember my friend told me he had lunch here on a weekday and he also have to queue. And as we were seated we were greeted with a smile and explained to us how it things work.

Unlike your usual restaurant you have to write your order code on a piece of paper

Pappa Rich 04

and once done just press the button on the side so a waiter will grab those orders you had written down and pass it to the kitchen.

Pappa Rich 03

They also told us that roti’s take longer as they are made fresh (meaning they are not the ready to cook ones), they also told us that waiting time is quite fast, indeed it was. For a full restaurant of 110 seats our orders arrived in less than 10 minutes apart from the roti which arrived 5 minutes after the first order delivery. We also told the waiter that if possible desserts are served after we finish with our mains.

So what did we ordered?
Well we lived in Malaysia for almost 4 years and I missed a lot of their food so we grabbed those ones we missed much.

Pappa Rich Menu 07

so we had some Pappa Asam Laksa, which is a thick rice noodles served in aromatic fish-based tamarind broth with shredded pineapple, lettuce, red chilli, cucumber, onion and lemon-grass. Topped with shrimp paste and mint leaves. One of my favourites back in Malaysia as this reminds me of the Filipino dish called Fish Sinigang.

Pappa Rich 16

I also tried some Seafood Curry Laksa which are Hokkien noodles in spicy coconut curry soup with mixed seafood, tofu puffs, foo chok (beancurd skin), bean sprouts, eggplants and fish cake.

Pappa Rich 15

And for our final noodles we also had some Pappa Char Koay Teow basically a wok-fried flat noodles with prawns, fish cakes, egg, bean sprouts and chives.

Pappa Rich 07
All of the noodles were amazing and they try to be as much as authentic as they can be. While trying all of these delicious dishes I feel like I was transported back to Kuala Lumpur in one of the open air food courts we usually hang out almost every weekend. The asam laksa was spot on specially the noodles which I really love, it’s slippery and chewy. The seafood curry laksa was great as well, its creamy spicy but not that overpowering, so good I have to slurp on that gravy till the last drop. The Char Koay Teow was also good it’s just one step less in being really authentic as it does not have blood cockles, which they mentioned in their menu.

After these tasty noodle dishes our Roti Telur arrived, it’s basically roti filled with eggs served with sambal and some curry sauces (sorry I don’t know what they are called).

Pappa Rich Menu 03

They are freshly made and I saw the chef performing some aerial tricks with the dough like an Italian pizza chef, where dough was stretched by flinging it in the air until it has that paper like thickness then folded multiple times with oil in between.

Pappa Rich 10

Like the noodles this is exactly how it’s made and how it tasted, its crispy in the outside, oily and chewy, its freaking delicious, I should have ordered more but the servings of the noodles was quite large so we are getting full at this moment.

Then our dessert and dessert drinks arrived.

Initially we ordered ABC Vanilla Ice Cream but I think it would not fit our gluttonous stomachs so we have to cancel them

Pappa Rich Menu 14

and just have some of the divine creamy, delicate and light sago pudding, definitely the perfect way to end a really good lunch.

Pappa Rich 11

and for our drinks we thought of getting some hot drinks like their teh tarik

Pappa Rich 01

but it was quite getting warm in here now so we decided to get some ice cold drinks.

Pappa Rich Menu 15

Pappa Rich Menu 17

So we had some matcha rocks ice blended green tea with red bean and green tea ice cream, we also have red bean drink as well as this bandung grass jelly which is made from rose syrup.

Pappa Rich 08

Pappa Rich 09

the drinks were fantastic and they use the real ingredient not unlike the others that uses some powdered flavouring in their bubble tea.

Pappa Rich Menu 01

Overall everything was perfect, it tasted authentic and it tasted really great. The place was nice and the staff were really friendly. Definitely will be back here again and again especially when I am craving for some Malaysian dishes. In fact I am already eyeing some of the dishes we haven’t ordered like the Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken, the Chicken Rice and that deadly but all worth it Fried Chicken Skin.

Update : Photos of succeeding visits

Address: Shop 2.01 – 2.03, 291-297 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +649 300 3181

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9 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    I quite like this place – been to one of their outlets in Kuala Lumpur a few times. Food’s ok, service is great and one can dine in comfort. If I am not mistaken, this is a Malaysian franchise but the one in Auckland is run by a Singaporean.

  2. ROBYN LITTLE says:

    Voting done! Good luck Raymund. I love Papparich over here in Sydney. It is so hard to choose, as everything is delicious. The fried chicken skins are such a decadent treat and the roti are so good.

  3. ROCHELLE says:

    Done voting.

  4. I am going to try this restaurant out – thanks for the review! Cheers

  5. You should totally win this contest, Raymund. I’m a big fan of your site and just voted. BEST LUCK. I can’t wait to hear you win. 😉 Hope you’ve been well. I love Malaysian food and it’s so nice you have a nice restaurant that you can rely on!

  6. Oh my gosh! You had me drooling with all the photos. As a Malaysian, I am have a huge craving. For everything 😀

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