Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant (Prague, Czech Republic)

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The hotel we booked in Prague when we were there was quite far from the city but still very accessible especially when you have your own transport with you, we stayed at the Wellness Hotel Step near the O2 Arena in Prague just roughly 7 km to old town. It was a good place to stay in especially for families at it has good amenities for the sporty ones. There are lots of sports facilities, indoor pool and spa facilities which we used specially after the long drive we made during the past days. Price is quite reasonable and is still cheaper compared to the rest of Western Europe.

There were several restaurants in premises and if I can remember around 5-7 of them but we came home a bit late so most of them were closed, directly outside the hotel there were no options so we drove a bit further and found this Chinese place in Konevova St just before Pod Krejcárkem St, the street to turn going back to our hotel.

There are some ample parking off street so it won’t be an issue and there were several convenience stores beside it so if you need something later this comes in handy. After we parked just nearly in front of the place we immediately went in and there were several diners mostly families, it’s not full so were in luck.

It looks like your usual Chinese Family restaurant and the theme is mostly dominated by the colour red.

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 01

We immediately ordered as it’s quite late and we just grabbed the first things we see on the menu, we did not put any thought on what to have that night. We were first given some tea as a usual Asian restaurant does.

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 03

Then our orders start to flow, it started with the spring rolls

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 04

then the fried chicken

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 08

then orange chicken

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 07

Stir fried chicken

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 09

The mixed seafood

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 06

then to top it all up some fried ice cream

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 10

If you notice we really did not put any thought on our orders, most of it were fried, were hungry and need something fast. Having said that with fried food I think there’s less errors to make unless you burn them so this means we don’t have any complaints or what so ever, its given fried food is amazing and that’s what exactly our orders were. They were tasty and delicious, cooked fresh and seasoned well. My only concern is the mixed seafood pot, I was expecting more of prawns, mussels, clams and fish but most of what I got was tofu and fish balls with some scallops and a bit of small prawns.

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant 02

Well I can’t complain much, I came from a country with abundant seafood and I am expecting more in a land locked country. Anyways it tasted amazing it was just my expectation. At the end of the day we are all full and satisfied ready to tackle another day of endless walking and sightseeing.

Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant
Address: Konevova 108/108, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 222 581 911

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3 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    Yes, I’ve voted for you.

    Gee! Going Chinese in Europe? How was it? More expensive than in NZ or more or less the same? Dishes look quite ordinary – the way some Chinese restaurants do it, the dishes can be really exceptionally impressive.

  2. Asian food is everywhere… and all these dishes look delicious! Congrats on the nomination. I will be voting for you!

  3. Oh thats cool, I didn’t attempt eating Asian foods when I was in Europe or America, I kinda felt it would be disappointing. But looks like I might have been wrong thinking that. Looks sooooo good! 🙂

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