Mongolian BBQ Jurta (Prague, Czech Republic)

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After a nearly four hour drive from Wroclaw we arrived in Prague and it was so hot, the car thermometer registers it as 39C when we were on the street looking for some parking space. We were literally melting, I felt like I was placed in the middle of a big sauna and I was sweating all over, I won’t survive a direct sunlight heat for more than 30 minutes.

We arrived noontime and the sun was up high in the middle of summer, my plans of strolling along the old town was moved to a much cooler time just to be safe for all of us so for the meantime we looked for a place where it’s all covered and air conditioned, we then found Palladium after a short stroll from the parking lot.

Prague 2

Palladium is a shopping mall located in the centre of Prague and considered one of the largest in Czech Republic. As expected there were heaps of people inside due to the searing heat at the same time it was lunch time, we were there for the same reason so when we entered the premises we immediately looked for the restaurants.

Prague 1

Located in the topmost level was their food court where there are plenty of options to choose from, we decided on having our lunch in Mongolian BBQ Jurta. It was full of patrons but we did not wait that long for a table, we were seated just beside the balcony where we can all the floors of the mall.

Prague 3

We then grabbed the menu and started to order, initially we were surprised with the price as it was in the 200 zone but after checking online what’s its real value 200 is roughly US$10.00. This means the prices were really affordable.

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 01

All of their dishes are prefixed with Grilled, from noodles to seafood and they all look amazing. We grabbed some Grilled Mix Seafood with Vegetable (219Kc)

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 07

then some Grilled Beef with Vegetable (179Kc)

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 05

and some Grilled Shrimps with Salad (219Kc)

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 04

Grilled Noodles with Chicken (I can’t remember the price but definitely this was the cheapest)

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 06

and finally some Grilled Mixed Meat with Vegetable (179Kc)

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 03

I know they all nearly looked the same, they do also tasted the same as they were all cooked in a grill Mongolian Barbecue Style which I guess have the same condiments. They all tasted amazing and it was freshly cooked, vegetables were crisp and the meats were perfectly cooked.

If you notice the photos they look exactly the same as the one you see in the menu which is a rare occasion as most menus are misleading and does not depict the real thing served to you.

To finish it all we grabbed some drinks with some Asian twist.

Mongolian BBQ Jurta 02

We then headed outside and the heat of the sun was not as strong as when we’re looking for that parking space, we can now start strolling around and do some normal touristy stuff :)

So we started with the St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague 7

then towards to Charles Bridge

Prague 8

Before we head back to the Old Town square where we left our car.

Prague 6

Prague 5

Prague 4

Mongolian BBQ Jurta
Address: Palladium Shopping Mall Nám. Republiky 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 225 770 250

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Mongolian BBQ Jurta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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    Raymund you have no idea how excited your posts in Eastern Europe are making me! I can’t wait to go. Loving these images. Congrats on your nomination. Definitely voted for you! :)

  2. tessie says:

    We are going to Prague,next year October,2016 hope the weather will be better,thank you for sharing your picture and definitely we will go to this place and try their foods and of course shopping. I enjoy all of your recipe.

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! I voted for you, hope it helps.

    I also was in Prag this summer and went into Palladium but did not eat there. The food places did look yummy though there. Next time :)

  4. Juliana says:

    Awesome pictures…I sure enjoyed them all…and the food…yes, looks delicious!
    Hope you are having a great week Raymund :)

  5. Wawhoo…. amazing post, made me wish I was on holidays.
    Also, congrats on the nomination, I voted. :)

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