Kobo Sushi (Wroclaw, Poland)

Two years ago we were in Luxembourg and the first food we ate was sushi, yeah I know of all food items why sushi an in Europe where there are lots of options, why not try their local cuisine. Guess what we did it again and now in Wroclaw, Poland. Well you can’t blame us, we love this Japanese creation so anywhere we go once in a while this is a must.

Located in the Market Square of Wroclaw just near the corner of Kuznicza Street where we also stayed so it’s quite accessible and one of the first things we saw going to this place.

Market Square 1

It was lunch time and was so hot so we never bothered to look for other establishments. So how does sushi taste like in Poland, no surprises here as it’s similar to the Japanese ones :)?

Market Square 2

Like the usual we start with some edamame.

Kobo Sushi 05

some Miso

Kobo Sushi 10

and some green tea

Kobo Sushi 06

then we ordered this set sushi lunch which consists of Hosomaki, Futomaki, California and Nigiri for Zloty 25.00 this is a good deal! It’s like less than $7.00 for all of these.

Kobo Sushi 13

My daughter specifically wants her Salmon and Avocado sushi so we also ordered these for Zloty 22.00 you get 6 Futomakis made out of salmon, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese and lettuce.

Kobo Sushi 12

Then we had this Seafood Tempura for Zloty 38.00 you get an assortment of deep fried battered seafood and vegetables served with 3 different sauces.

Kobo Sushi 11

Then we grabbed a couple of noodles, first was this Chicken Ramen (Zloty 18.00)

Kobo Sushi 08

and some Seafood Udon in Teriyaki sauce (Zloty 32.00)

Kobo Sushi 09

We then washed it all down with some soft drinks, I took some photos of it because for us it’s now a novelty having these in real bottles.

Kobo Sushi 04

Kobo Sushi 03

Kobo Sushi 07

Over all the food was good, the service was great, seafood is not as par as what we have in New Zealand but it’s not a fair comparison specially knowing Poland does not have abundant waters as New Zealand.

Kobo Sushi 02

Kobo Sushi 01

Best of all the price was cheap specially when compared to the quality of food served, we were also serenaded as we dine in

Market Square Serenaded

Market Square 3

and remember this is located in a tourist spot.

Kobo Sushi
Address: Rynek 46/47, 50-116 Wroclaw, Poland
Website: http://kobosushi.pl/

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15 Responses

  1. I was transiting in London for a day and we ate Japanese and Thai… no fish and chips at all! I’ve not been to Poland, it looks like a beautiful place!

  2. Kristy says:

    You have made my day! We are sushi lovers and I was nervous about not finding any while in Poland. And Poland looks beautiful! I can’t wait!

  3. Never would have thought to try sushi in Poland but it does look good considering the geography. Gorgeous pics on the streets too

  4. suituapui says:

    What a beautiful place!!! Japanese? Did you go for anything that is traditionally Polish?

  5. Sushi in Poland…! You are a brave boy but looks quite fresh and delicious. Loving the cobble streets and beautiful scenery.

  6. mjskit says:

    I’m with Evelyn – Sushi is Poland? Looks like a memorable meal.

  7. This was painful to look at because I have been craving sushi since the last time I swallowed the last bite of sushi I had last Saturday. It’s been way too long since I had sushi. I have it 2 -3 x a week typically so this is weird for me, ha!

  8. What a gorgeous place, full of great food. Enjoy all your traveling and always share here with us.

  9. makesushi says:

    This looks like a decent sushi restaurant, I will have to visit when I go to Poland

  10. Kristy says:

    Heading here this week, do rereading your posts! We will for sure be heading for sushi too! Thanks Raymund!

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