Cha Cha (Berlin, Germany)

We accidentally saw this place on our way from Checkpoint Charlie going to Berlin Cathedral near the Stadtmitte subway station. We haven’t planned dine in but we were quite tight on schedule and we did not notice it was already lunch and we are all hungry, we then looked for some food places nearby and we stumbled upon this location.

Checkpoint Charlie

Cha Cha Thai Street Kitchen is a different type of restaurant where you will see the slogan “Positive eating” everywhere, their concept is preparing delicious and healthy dishes while giving a wellness effect to the diner. I know for most of us healthy keywords does not equate to delicious so I already psyched up myself before we even entered the premises, I lowered down my expectation so I won’t be disappointed.

It’s quite a good concept especially if it’s delivered correctly and lived up to its vision. I guess it did because we loved their food, the choice of cuisine with this type of concept I great as Thai dishes are great lots of flavour and vegetables can be easily integrated.

Cha Cha 01

The place has a good vibe in it, I felt like I am going inside a spa or a Thai massage parlour, it also smelled amazing. As were seated we were given some menus and it’s in German, luckily I understand their language and there is a English name on each item but in a fine print font and does not describe the full dish. Each menu item also has this bold adjective on top which describes the effect of each food item, words like Nutritious, Activating, Vitalizing, High-Energy, Cleansing and Stabilizing to name some.

Cha Cha 02 Cha Cha 03

So what did we ordered?

We started with some Po pia pak tord (€5.90) crispy spring rolls filled with vegetables, served with Thai sweet-sour dipping sauce. Definitely good and is gone in no time.

Cha Cha 04

We got some kids meal called Koi tord pan oil khao plao (€5.90) which is described as “NUTRITIOUS”, this dish is made out of two crispy chicken coconut filets served with steamed cha chã rice, lentil crackers and mango sauce.

Cha Cha 07

This was also good and was served with some gummi bears. Then for the grown-ups we had some Gaeng massaman nuea (€10.80) basically a Massaman beef curry made with sirloin steak marinated with 11 spices, cooked in a mildly spicy peanut coconut stock with potatoes and onions, served with our cha chã rice. This is then labelled as “ACTIVATING” might be because it’s spicy but not that hot, just enough to activate your taste buds. This was good I just wish I have more rice to devour all that sauce.

Cha Cha 08

Then we have some “VITALIZING” Guaitiao pad thai gai (€10.50) which is a Rice ribbon noodles in a vitalizing tamarind soy sauce with chicken, peanuts and beansprouts. Definitely it is vitalizing it’s full in flavour and true to the Thai traditional taste of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury.

Cha Cha 11

Then we have this “HIGH-ENERGY” Pop chaao thai nai malaysia (€10.50) which is made out of Braised chicken filets in a peanut-mint-basil sauce, served with yellow basmati-turmeric rice and fried onions. This dish is quite different as we were thinking about satay when I saw that peanut-mint-basil sauce, it has the same flavour but it was served like a curry with loads of sauce on it, which is a good thing especially when you have that rice to soak all of that peanutty goodness in.

Cha Cha 10

Then finally some Nuea pad broccoli (€10.80) labelled as “MINERALIZING”, this Wok fried beef with plenty of broccoli , onions and Thai basil in a light soy sauce, served with our cha chã rice again never brought our hopes down, the vegetables are crisp, the beef is tenderly stir fried and the sauce was amazing.

Cha Cha 09

To end our meals we had some Mango Lassi (€4.10) which also acts a dessert drink to wash down all that savoury goodness we had.

Cha Cha 06 Cha Cha 12

Overall the experience was great, it indeed lifted our spirits after this lunch. After a long tiring walk from Reichtag Building.

Reichtag Reichtag Inside

to Brandenburg Gate  then to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe down to checkpoint Charlie this lunch revitalized our tired bodies ready to move again and conquer new places.


The food was great as well, it was so tasty you won’t believe you are doing some “Positive eating”. So if you are visiting Berlin in the future this is a recommended place, it will definitely put back that energy specially when you are travelling and walking a lot.

Memorial To Murdered Jews

Cha chã – Thai Street Kitchen
Address: Friedrichstraße 63, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 20625960

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  1. Will recommend it to the Mister since he will be in Berlin soon and loves Thai food 🙂

  2. Kristy says:

    Raymund your photos of Berlin are gorgeous!!!! We’re planning to visit soon and you’ve made me very excited! I’ll have to check this place out. 🙂

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